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JourneyTEAM Learning Forum: Serialized Inventory in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

May 28, 2021

Get familiar with Serialized Inventory in this learning forum. Individualized SKUs can be tracked from start to end in every detail. Read details on what, why, where, and how below. Make sure to follow the Field Service, Inventory Journal, and other tips listed, and know the post-licensing next steps (PO receipts, technicians, RMAs).

serialized inventory


· Allows industry to track individual SKU items throughout entire inventory transaction.

· Requires tracking through all inventory transactions with lot tracking capabilities.

· It's difficult!


· Regulation

· Liability

Where:(What industries use serialized inventory?)

· Aviation

· Electronics


· AppSource solution-which is available for people to try out (they can grab it from there, or we can install it manually)

· Multiple Installations

· Unique IP (not really available anywhere else).

· Installed in CE.

Tips to remember:

· It is a Field Service specific add-on.

· Solution can be found in Teams, CRM Team > solution and code channel.

· Solution is licensed and includes a trial period.

  • Gives a 30-day license at first- need to extend when that runs out and pay the fee.

  • Outsource offering is based on user count.

  • License comes into play whenever CRM uses the serial number.

· Serial number must be unique

  • Can link to warehouse/on hand or customer asset.

· Inventory journal > we have a plugin that checks for serialized product and creates a journal when there's activity.

· Ability to record warranty is not part of the solution*; but we can add to general form.


Once the solution is licensed, here are the next steps:

  • Need to change "serialized" field to "yes" for product.

    • Makes a requirement that there will always be a number for this product (this selection is locked in for the product).

  • PO receipt > serial numbers can be scanned in or manually input.

  • Serial number is linked to product, warehouse, journal entries, etc.

  • Inventory transfer moves products from warehouse to technician.

    • Creates inventory adjustment.

  • Technicians can see serial numbers for products that they are about to install (can also scan barcode).

    • Once booking is completed, serial number gets listed as a customer asset.

    • *Customer asset is an ideal place to track warranty information.

  • Journal entries will reflect all activity with serial number.

  • Technicians can create RMAs to move serial numbers back to warehouse.

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