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JourneyTEAM’s Support Team Improves the Premiere Banking Experience

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

A large, national bank streamlines the integration of their clients’ banking environments with customized support help from JourneyTEAM.

A large bank needed to easily connect their clients’ Great Plains accounting systems to the bank’s core banking application. Based on JourneyTEAM’s deep technical knowledge of Great Plains, we developed a customer interface for transferring the client’s banking transactions directly from the bank’s core system to the client’s Great Plains environment. Following the successful implementation of this project, the bank required ongoing support from JourneyTEAM to quickly resolve any errors the system generated as well as help explain the integration portal to potential clients and ensure the configuration of each new client is correct.

This bank has 16 million clients with 75 branches throughout the world. Many of their clients are businesses and organizations that go to them for all of their banking needs. When acquiring these new businesses, this client wants to ensure their financial operations are smooth and seamless. This requires transactions and records to be sent back and forth without any errors.

With Great Plains features implemented with this bank's business clients, their transactions can be sent directly to JourneyTEAM’s client with a simple wire transfer. Great Plains automates and simplifies financial processes while housing all accounting data in one location for actionable data insights. This banking client uses Great Plains to handle its financial data, so it requires the businesses that bank with them to adopt features that integrate seamlessly with Great Plains which often requires support and adoption help from JourneyTEAM.

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JourneyTEAM’s Great Plains Support Experts

JourneyTEAM’s support team is continually ready to help this banking client whenever system problems arise. If their system is not operating cohesively with Great Plains, or if one of their users needs additional training, JourneyTEAM offers the right support to assist. When this client contacts JourneyTEAM for any questions or concerns with their accounting operations, the support team gets them in touch with the right ERP expert. Out Great Plains and Dynamics 365 Business Central experts have deep expertise with the tools and know how to help them overcome issues as they arise, and proactively prevent potential issues.

This client also has an additional support contract with JourneyTEAM regarding working with their prospective business clients that bank there. When these businesses are looking to integrate with this bank and their software, Great Plains, they will oftentimes need a demo showing the functionality of the tool to ensure an efficient adoption in their environment. Users need to understand this software, and when they have questions, they can also contact JourneyTEAM for additional support. When this client or its business customers contact us, we offer support in ensuring the features and connections with the bank are secure and easy to manage.

Take Technical Support to the Next Level

For adoption or support help of any Microsoft finance and accounting tools, contact a JourneyTEAM solutions specialist today. Learn more about our ongoing support options here.


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