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Large Healthcare Organization Uses Power BI for Compliance and Visual Reporting

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

A healthcare organization needed further insights into their various location’s compliance and incident documentation. They wanted a more efficient way to track incidents and data trends for each of their acquired organizations in one concise location. The healthcare company chose Power BI to meet these demands and improve overall accessibility.

This healthcare organization manages hundreds of facilities that provide care throughout the United States. This parent organization needed to gain visibility into each location’s submitted documentation to ensure compliance with national safety standards. Whenever accidents, complaints, and other incidents occur, employees within these facilities need to properly record this information. Once this information is correctly recorded, employees needed a better way to update and send information to the parent organization. Additionally, they wanted a way to view all business documentation and recorded incidents in a single location so they could more easily identify areas of improvement and ensure the well-being of children and employees.

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Creating a Single Source of Truth with Power BI

JourneyTEAM worked with this healthcare organization to implement Power BI to streamline their reporting data. Each disparate facility under this parent organization can now submit incident reports easily in a single place. Power BI then creates actionable and easy-to-understand reports of the gathered data, providing the parent company with powerful insights into data trends across the various organizations. Additionally, the company can efficiently monitor whether incidents are trending up or down in specific locations, and with which specific healthcare personnel or patients. Directors and leadership in each of these care locations also have access to this data, allowing them to make necessary changes.

Another benefit of implementing Power BI is it’s the company now has the ability to refresh data daily and view it in almost real-time. Before implementing Power BI, the company’s acquired facilities had to submit all of their data manually. This process was time-consuming and allowed for occasional human error.

JourneyTEAM and this organization set up a documentation process that seamlessly communicates with Power BI. Now, each facility can submit incident documentation quickly and easily to the parent healthcare organization, and can easily manage all gathered data in a single place.

JourneyTEAM is Your Microsoft Partner for Power BI

Businesses large and small benefit from Power BI as a data visualization tool. JourneyTEAM helps to not only manage data but better understand it, enabling you to make smarter, actionable decisions to improve business operations and overall performance.

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