Manage Devices and Protect Your Organization with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (aka Intune)

Updated: Mar 19

Intune, or as they have recently rebranded themselves — Microsoft Endpoint Manager, is a unified management platform for all your devices. Those devices could include Windows, 10 Mac, iOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.


As companies more towards a remote workforce they will see more and more devices accessing their data. Yes, this helps speed up your productivity and the way you do business. However, this could be a HUGE liability and threat for your organization.

It’s imperative that your organization protects access to your environment at all times.

You have important data that could be exposed unintentionally through your employee devices. The more devices that you have on your network the more you could be exposed. Protect your organization from potential threats with JourneyTEAM and Microsoft Endpoint Manager (aka Intune).


Microsoft Endpoint Manager allows organizations to set up groups to be able to control how information is accessed. These groups can be done by project, title, access level, or as you choose.

When you choosing a device and data management system there are four different things that are of importance. Those are the flexibility, integrations, scalability, and security of the Endpoint Management System.


In the flexibility realm this allows organizations to decide between an on-premise environment or a cloud only environment. Microsoft’s Endpoint Manager allows organizations to have those types of setups. They let you manage devices that are company owned as well as devices that are personally owned.


The integrations part is important because you want to have deep integrations with Azure active directory and Microsoft 365. There are also tools like Windows defender for Endpoint Manager, which is another solution that enhances management capabilities in relation to windows 10 devices.


When you think of process automation and deploying, managing, and updating a windows 10 devices that could be a lot of work. Scalability is where JourneyTEAM and Microsoft Endpoint Manager can help add that additional level of security and growth.

You can create application level controls to provide secure access to your company or work data. Whether the device is fully managed by the company, or if it's is just without enrollment — you can manage it. And it's just accessing specific applications that happened to be part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. This could be your email, documents on SharePoint, OneDrive or Microsoft Teams.


And then lastly you have deep integrations with Azure active directory. Here you can leverage conditional access, which has basically rules around how, when and where you're able to access specific company data. You have ways to gain control and security

So again, Microsoft Endpoint Manager gives you the flexibility, integration, scalability, and security. Those are the four important points to think about in relation to your endpoint manager system.


If you're interested in learning more about Microsoft Endpoint Manager (aka Intune), please contact us at JourneyTEAM. One of our business development managers will help you get pointed in the right direction.

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