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Manufacturer Automates the Sales Quoting Process to Save Time and Resources

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

JourneyTEAM can help automate the sales quote creation process to limit inaccurate quotes, and allow sales resources to have a simplified user experience by creating quotes easier and quicker.

A manufacturer wanted to improve and automate their sales quoting process to deliver more consistent quotes, and fast. They operate throughout the Midwest and act as a middleman for coordinating installations between construction companies and HVAC suppliers. They are in charge of contracting the suppliers and vendors to price out equipment needed for installs and were struggling to have the correct and consistent pricing information readily available. Because they were receiving information from their several business locations, they needed a way to unite information to create these quotes in one concise location.

This business’s users had to manually create quotes by locating the right pricing information for each individual quote, and plugging it in. The preparation required extra time and labor expenses as their extensive quoting process involves different pricing factors, multipliers, discounts, etc. They needed a simplified approach that would allow for a streamlined quote creation process, regardless of the company office or warehouse they are working from.

construction workers using technology

Dynamics 365 Sales Limits Manual Processes

JourneyTEAM helped implement Dynamics 365 Sales to improve their complicated quoting process. Their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system would now house data from all of their suppliers and vendors and needed information could be easily populated when creating a new quote. To ensure pricing was correct and repeatable in all quotes, quotes can be cloned and stored to be used again in the system. JourneyTEAM developers also helped customize the quoting process to be easily editable by allowing changes to a single line or group of lines on the quote. This improved overall client and user satisfaction as quotes were more easily generated and sent to the customer in a timely manner.

Creating timely and accurate sales quotes is an important process for many organizations. Quoting can be done automatically, and the information included can connect with other systems ultimately simplifying the accessibility of pricing information.

Reach out to a JourneyTEAM specialist today to find out more about pricing and Microsoft Tool options best for your business.


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