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Medical Device Manufacturer Automates Quote Creation Process for Improved Consistency

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Discover how JourneyTEAM built a custom app to help a large medical device manufacturing company eliminate errors and enhance sales quote consistency within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

As a leading manufacturer and marketer of proprietary disposable medical devices with a reach all over the world (with 16 locations throughout) and over 6,300 employees, speed and accuracy in quote creation are extremely important factors. 

However, this organization was struggling with an error-filled, slow, and inconsistent sales quoting process. Sales reps were regularly having to re-create and send clients often inaccurate quotes. Each quote was sent in a number of formats and varied significantly from sales rep to sales rep.

Additionally, most sales quotes were written with little to no guidance on sales prices or had inaccurate product discounts. This frequently resulted in managers having to reject the quote, causing the company to miss out on potential profits. Customers were also highly frustrated with the inconsistency and ambiguity surrounding product prices.

To overcome equipment manufacturing inconsistencies and boost customer satisfaction, the medical device company wanted to create a new business application to streamline the quote process. With JourneyTEAM's custom app expertise, they created a highly functioning app that would allow users to select specific products to include on the quote, which would trigger the application to generate a consistent target price for each product.  JourneyTEAM developers used the Dynamics 365 Pricing Tool to create this much-needed application.


Automate Sales Processes and Improve Sales Assets

Using the app to create a quote, users can now view individual product prices, discounts, and target prices side-by-side. Once the quote is created, it is sent to the appropriate approver based on the sale’s rep Azure AD Hierarchy. Managers can then see the proposed price and how it impacts expected annual revenue and deviation percentages. They can then make necessary changes if needed prior to sending it to the customer.

In addition to more accurate and consistent quotes, the company now has more professional-looking reports. Dynamics 365 Pricing Tool automatically creates beautiful PDF reports from individual sales quotes that can easily be shared across the enterprise. The company is thrilled to have reports that accurately represent its sales process and is already looking to add more. 

The medical device manufacturing solutions company has already expressed interest in partnering with JourneyTEAM in the near future to both extend the Pricing Tool’s reporting capabilities as well as streamline the sales approval process.

Enhance the Speed and Power of Your Sales Process with JourneyTEAM

From improving sales process speed and flexibility to eliminating errors and bolstering consistency, JourneyTEAM helps you improve your sales process so you can do more, faster.

For sales and quoting process improvements and questions, reach out to a JourneyTEAM representative today.


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