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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Overtakes

Updated: Nov 1 has led the CRM industry for decades— but things are now fading fast. In the recent Forrester Wave report Microsoft is ahead in’s traditional sales software. This is a big step for Microsoft and JourneyTEAM (A trusted Microsoft CRM Partner).

“Microsoft DELIVERS on Intelligent Seller Productivity.” – Forrester

dynamics 365 dashboard

Microsoft Competitors Should Look Out!

Those who are Microsoft competitors should check out the latest Forrester Wave report.

FIRST - this report was just released and is based on Microsoft’s 2022 release. It hasn't taken into effect all of the recent Dynamics 365 modifications and releases up till 2023. Just wait until Forrester assesses Microsoft’s integrations with AI, the new Dynamics 365 Insights, and much more.

SECOND - the seamless flow between Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Sales Navigator (LinkedIn) is going to make it harder for Sales Directors to justify the higher expense of nearly all other competitors.

FINALLY - you might ask yourself what has given Microsoft the edge? While they have invested heavily in machine learning/artificial intelligence, Forrester identifies Microsoft has a “heightened focus on seller productivity”.

We call it the Satya Nadella touch. Satya (Microsoft CEO), has done a great job building off of the foothold of Office 365 in most businesses already and Dynamics 365 is a natural transition compared to other solutions.

Forrester Says:

"Microsoft is the best fit for companies looking to capitalize on the productivity gains of their other Microsoft cloud investments..." – which is fairly obvious. But interestingly, they will go on to say:

“..and those companies that are …looking to disrupt their peers with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.”

JourneyTEAM has helped many sales and marketing teams across the nation disrupt their competitors with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. This disruption will continue to be felt as Microsoft continues to grow and expand their business operations.

To further compare Dynamics 365 and one of its top competitors, Salesforce, check out this extensive guide.


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