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Microsoft Remote Work Tech Update: Azure, Teams, 365 Groups

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Remote Workforce Solutions Updates: Azure, 365 Groups, Teams

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are leaning on remote workforce solutions now more than ever. The latest remote workforce tech solution updates from Microsoft ensure continued connectivity, creativity and productivity of remote workforces and security of sensitive data.

Keep reading to learn about the latest updates from Microsoft in May 2020 to Azure AD Application Proxy, Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams--including new features that make it possible for remote workers to communicate and collaborate better, adapt to new challenges and minimize disruptions.

Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Services Updates: Azure AD Application Proxy

With today’s global changes and challenges, the Azure cloud is a significant tool for remote workers that protects company assets without impacting processes and productivity.

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) APP Proxy has been updated to allow remote workers external access to internal apps more securely. This improvement also integrates with Azure AD SSO (single sign on), MFA (multi-factor authentication) and Conditional Access and enables users to publish on-prem web apps without needing to set up inbound connectivity.

Another notable update includes no Virtual Private Network (VPN) requirement. This update optimizes connectivity directly to cloud services to protect online actions—a huge feature for your security team.

Watch this short 1-minute video to hear about the latest Azure AD App Proxy updates from JourneyTEAM’s experts:

Microsoft Office 365 Groups Updates: Compliance, Responsiveness and Automation

Microsoft Office 365 Groups are extremely effective as a remote workforce solution. Some of the latest updates to Microsoft Office 365 Groups include:

  • Sensitivity Labeling is a significant new feature that is part of information protection and governance that provides a powerful infrastructure to maintain security of sensitive data by exacting unique policies, creating confidential classifications and allowing or disallowing certain functionalities.

  • Forms Workgroups are automatically provisioned, granting Office 365 Groups the ability to create, view, edit, maintain and retain indefinite ownership of group forms in the portal regardless of who created the form--even if they exit group.

  • Power Automate (Microsoft Flow) also have a workspace tied to a 365 Group.

  • A major (and somewhat controversial) update from Microsoft is Hidden from Address List (by default). Now, when you provision 365 Groups within the Teams application, the Team no longer appears in your organization’s address list by default.

There are over 20 different ways to create a 365 Group and there is no single way to allow for the provisioning of a group with all of the settings in one place. JourneyTEAM’s new Group Provisioning and Management Tool offers a solution to this complex issue. Want to learn more or get a free demo of this tool? Reach out to JourneyTEAM today, or watch our 3-minute video about the latest Microsoft Office 365 Groups updates in May 2020:

Microsoft Teams Updates: Controlled Access and Customized Images

The latest updates to Microsoft Teams revolve around remote workforce capabilities. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft developed and rolled out these Microsoft Teams changes very quickly. Teams administrators are now better equipped to manage meeting attendees and moderate conversations for more equitable engagement thanks to these updates:

  • Teams allows users to blur backgrounds--even on iOS--and upload and use customized images

  • Webcam view was upgraded from four to nine

  • Guests wait in lobby is a new feature that’s great for large meetings; admins can disable and allow invited guests to automatically enter meeting

  • Meeting participants are able to use the new raise your hand feature, which is especially helpful for large organization-wide meetings

  • Meeting organizers can virtually end meetings to avoid hangout activity

  • Live dictation captions are available on group meetings or calls

  • 250 people are able to attend Teams meetings, and Teams Live Events offer a new capacity of 20,000 attendees

  • Chat posts can be made and edited across multiple Teams and channels

  • New Yammer App creates more of a sense of community and robust engagement for remote workers across company audiences

  • Hosts can control input from members and minimize interruptions

  • Team owners can now access Team Analytics to assess participant attendance/involvement

  • Admins can access new insights around meetings, usage and other dashboard analytics

Look for these new Team features via the cloud without the need to install or initiate any manual updates.

Take 4 minutes to listen to the entire list of Microsoft Teams updates from JourneyTEAM’s May 2020 Tech Insider Update:

These remote workforce technology updates are now available from Microsoft. Contact JourneyTEAM, a Microsoft Gold partner, for information on or assistance with getting the maximum benefit from the latest updates for Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups and Azure AD.

For any additional questions, please contact Journeyteam at (801) 565-9199.



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