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Microsoft Updates: What’s New in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

In the Q3 Tech Insider Update hosted by JourneyTEAM, organizations were given a glimpse into the latest and greatest updates to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) CRM business solution.

Explore the latest enhancements including Microsoft Teams integration into Dynamics 365 for Marketing Events, SQL for Dynamics 365 using Dataflex, and a deeper embedding of the Customer Voice survey application into Dynamics 365 and Power Platform/Dataflex.

Found below: A description of each update, including information on how these updates drive marketing efficiency and foster a tailored customer experience as part of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Microsoft Teams Live Events Integration with Dynamics 365 for Marketing

· Event Management via Teams Live Events

· Host Online or Hybrid Online/In-Person Events

· Run a Team’s Live Event from Dynamics Marketing Event

· Deeper Engagement Data

With the rise of virtual events in the pandemic-era, the integration of Microsoft Teams Live Events with Dynamics 365 for Marketing feels just in time. The Teams application can now work as the online meetings and events provider for Dynamics 365 for Marketing Events, bringing with it greater opportunities for interaction and tools to track engagement.

In Event Management in Dynamics 365 for Marketing, organizations can now host fully online, or hybrid online/onsite events using Teams as the webinar configuration tool. Organizations can run a Teams Live Event from the Dynamics Marketing Event by first configuring its Teams tenant to allow it to connect to Marketing. Based on the schedule and agenda of the event, this will allow the Events live stream to be managed from Marketing. Aside from full event management in one place, this integration also unlocks greater potential to track engagement beyond registration such as attendance data like joins and participation. This is outstanding data to have as the event wraps up as it allows organizations to measure the success of their events, as well as help to identify ways to improve future events.

To get started from Events in Dynamics 365 for Marketing, users simply select +New in the ribbon to see Teams is available as a streaming provider with the available options to set up a new event.

SQL for Dynamics 365

· SQL for Dynamics 365 Using Dataflex

For organizations that used Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement on-premises and switched to the online cloud-hosted environment, this is big news. Previously those organizations were unable to query the data hits, but now SQL for Dynamics 365 is about to change that. Currently in preview mode, organizations can use Dataflex to connect SQL server connections to their Dynamics 365 online instance. This brings back the ability to write SQL queries against Dynamics data.

Supported operations include FILTER, UNION, JOIN, COUNT, MIN and MAX. Note that it does not allow use of updates, inserts, or deletes because the main purpose of this feature is to be able to pull data and run queries on data sets. Organizations are still encouraged to go Power Automate and DataFlex instead of relying on SQL when appropriate.

Customer Voice (formerly known as Voice of the Customer and Forms Pro)

· Natively in Dynamics 365 and Dataflex

· Deeply embedded in Dynamics 365 for Marketing

As more business is conducted online, it is critical that organizations capture feedback that can be used in conjunction with other key sales and marketing data to enhance and personalize the customer experience. The real-time feedback and surveying tool Customer Voice (formerly known as Voice of the Customer and Forms Pro) has been updated so it can run in Dynamics 365 as well as Dataflex. From the Customer Voice easy and intuitive interface, organizations can manage and conduct surveys including drafting questions, creating steps, conditional logic and branching and any other survey configuration, from the Power Platform or directly in Dynamics 365.

If working in Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Customer Voice can tie in with the Customer Journey as well as provide post-event surveys. This puts surveying within easy reach with valuable data accessible right where it is needed most.

For any additional questions, please contact Journeyteam at (801) 565-9199.

Get Started with JourneyTEAM

JourneyTEAM was recently awarded Microsoft US Partner of the Year for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (Media & Communications) and the Microsoft Eagle Crystal trophy as a top 5 partner for Dynamics 365 Business Central software implementations. JourneyTEAM has a proven track record with successful Microsoft technology implementations and can help you make the most of the updates now available for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.



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