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Migrate to Dynamics 365 Online for a Premiere Mobile Experience

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

An insurance firm moved their Dynamics 365 CRM system to the cloud to improve the user experience and increase data accessibility.

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Based in Texas, this insurance firm provides life insurance and specific vehicle insurance to customers throughout the United States. Because so many of their agents are traveling to be onsite with customers or working remotely, they wanted to ensure users were accessing current and updated information in their customer accounts from their mobile devices. By making this information quickly accessible and up-to-date, customer satisfaction rates would rise, and business growth would increase. To achieve this, they needed an efficient cloud solution. The ideal solution? Dynamics 365 Online.

Dynamics 365 Online for an Improved User and Customer Experience

By moving from an on-prem Dynamics 365 solution to the cloud, this insurance organization’s users gained optimum visibility and accessibility. With workers operating on disparate mobile systems throughout the country, the migration enabled them to view and update information with ease—no matter their location or device. Customer satisfaction increased as customers were also able to access correct information with insurance representatives. Employees were able to access customer Dynamics 365 records easily and securely, enabling the organization to scale with ease thanks to optimum mobile capabilities.

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