Direct Sales IT Leaders: These 2 Tools Will Help Your Sales Leaders Increase Distributor Performance

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Every IT leader has felt pressure from the sales organization to produce tools that will increase sales.

This group is sometimes the hardest to serve - their requests are usually tinged with urgency, and their willingness to spend time with you designing solutions is sometimes limited.

And there's the fact that the fate of the company rests in their hands. They may be difficult to serve, but they need all the help they can get.

So - if you're not using artificial intelligence tools to increase your average order size and frequency, you may want to take a look at what you're missing.

Artificial Intelligence: The Turnkey Technology You're Not Using Yet

Artificial intelligence sounds complicated, and when you get down into the nuts and bolts of the technology, it is.

However, what you need to know is simple. It can plug right into your organization and your business support systems (like CRM) very simply. This allows it to learn your business and perform high-value tasks, freeing up human labor for the things humans are best at.

The most relevant form of artificial intelligence today is the chatbot, or "bot" for short.

Deploying artificial intelligence in the form of a bot is like giving each of your distributors their very own assistant.

There are two main ways that you can deploy a bot for your sales team:

  1. Deploying tools that prompt your distributors and contact center reps to take smarter actions

  2. Deploying tools that take those actions automatically

You can use AI in both ways simultaneously if you choose to do so.

How Does It Work?

AI plugs right into your CRM and other business support systems, which enables it to process massive amounts of data about customers. Using this data, it can do things like the following:

  1. Determine who's most likely to buy, what product they're most likely to buy, and what message they're most likely to relate to. The AI can pass this data to distributors, who can spend their time pursuing the best candidates with the right offers.

  2. Point out the areas in a high-ranking distributor's downline where he/she can have the biggest impact to boost sales numbers and/or grow the team this month.

  3. Independently message customers who have opted into chatbot communication and remind them of special offers or points that are expiring, offering to complete the transaction right in the chat.

  4. Increasing average order size by identifying the personalized upsells for a customer that have the highest probability of acceptance, and offering those during the customer's checkout on your website, during an instant message chat, or prompting a human contact center rep with the right upsells during a phone conversation with the customer.

Does any of this sound like something your sales team needs?

The good news is, it's not that hard to get started. JourneyTEAM's AI and chatbot experts can help you get started with some simple, high-value scenarios that will get your feet wet and help you see the possibilities for AI in your sales organization.

Or, check out this video demonstrating a Network Marketing Bot increasing the value of an order by 600%.

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