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Modernize the Service Experience with Dynamics 365

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Discover how a healthcare organization improved security and accessibility by modernizing their software.

A national healthcare organization needed to modernize their technology stack to increase security and improve their customer service. They chose Dynamics 365 for its robust security features and accessibility.

This organization makes and distributes equipment for the deaf and hard of hearing community that enable them to communicate over the phone, such as video phones, providing a TDD interpreter, or closed captioning. Because the company obtains a significant amount of their customers' personal identifiable information (PII), they needed a way to store their information more securely as well as allow the right users access while following various security compliance guidelines. Additionally, they wanted to improve their field technician management to gain insight into technician location and track calling equipment they were working on by serial number.

people communicating with ASL

Dynamics 365 Improves User Access and Data Storage

By implementing Dynamics 365, the company is now able to keep track of customer information in a single secure location which acts as a source of truth as well as improve user access. Now when customers contact this organization, users can authenticate and securely access the appropriate personal information.

By moving all customers' PII into Dynamics 365 information still communicates effectively with other systems they have in place. For example, the company has flows to other providers set up that send out reminders for customers, and Dynamics houses that information safely.

Dynamics 365 Field Service Management

Using Dynamics 365 Field service, the healthcare company was able to improve both the user and customer experience. Now, the healthcare field service technician doing an install or repair can easily see and edit job information, including place or time. This organization can also track where their technicians are as well as job details in real time. This contributed to the increase in customer satisfaction as it enabled the organization to perform installations in person rather than shipping the equipment to customers.

Dynamics 365 Field Service also tracks each tools’ serial number and which tools are being used by each customer so if one is faulty, they can locate the batch it came from, and which equipment needs to be replaced.

JourneyTEAM Dynamics 365 CRM consultants provided the company with video training within Dynamics 365 so they could provide interpretations or closed captioning to their customers. Our consultants also continue to ensure the healthcare company’s Dynamics 365 implementation is operating smoothly and communicating with other systems seamlessly.

Modernize Your Systems with JourneyTEAM

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