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Move to Business Central for Improved Sales, Customer, and Supply Chain Management

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Learn how one healthcare retailer used Dynamics 365 Business Central for management insights and to accommodate business tracking needs.

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This healthcare retailer sells pharmaceuticals and supplements to customers all over the globe. Because they are continuously gaining new customers, they needed the right technology in place to keep up with growing sales and customer data. Their legacy software, Microsoft GP, was limited in scalability capabilities and could not effectively report on important supply chain data. This retailer wanted to migrate to an updated system to improve supply chain visibility, increase additional customer and sales insights, and create a seamless connection with their CRM system and other platforms.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Migration

Dynamics 365 Business Central gave this healthcare retailer a competitive advantage by providing valuable insights in three key areas. First, they gained more visibility into their supply chain details. This enabled them to better manage their current inventory, know when to order more supplies, and better forecast their revenue.

Second, the retailer was able to view sales and customer data more concisely thanks to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Healthcare users now had more organized customer, sales, and billing information and were able to simplify their invoice and payment processes.

Finally, in moving from GP to Business Central, their financial system seamlessly connects with their Dynamics 365 Sales platform. Information communicates back and forth without errors, which created a foundation for growth they needed within the industry. Dynamics 365 Business Central also connects with a third-party system that customers purchase their products through. This improves the accuracy of sales and ROI data stored in Business Central.

Make the move from a legacy financial system today and enjoy the benefits of implementing Dynamics 265 Business Central. Contact JourneyTEAM for unrivaled migration support.


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