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New D365 Sales App Feature

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Learn the stand-out features that are available with the new Dynamics 365 Sales app. Check out the video Microsoft recently released, and the review written by JourneyTEAM's Brandon Gorton, a Senior Solution Architect.

As shown in the video above, a few of the notable features that make this new app stand out are the simple interface, consolidated user experience across communication channels, and push notifications. The interface provides a window into not one, but most communication channels. Having Outlook, Teams, and D365 accessible in the same landing page is going to be a nice improvement for the on-the-go warrior. Being able to go from Teams to D365, to leveraging voice dictation to capturing notes, all to provide an easy way to improve adoption and visibility to the entire team.

using sales app

The most exciting feature, and often the most asked for feature, is a way to leverage push notifications based on business processes for users. The Dynamics 365 Sales app supports push notifications that can be configured based on triggers/logic and pushed leveraging by PowerAutomate.

All of these additional features and more can be yours by implementing the new D365 for sales application.

For any additional questions, contact a solutions specialist today.


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