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New Updates to Microsoft Exchange Online

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

June 2021 Microsoft releases enhanced spoof management, intelligent command center, and tighter protection against email storms. See Tech Insider Update, May 2021.

Microsoft Exchange Online is used by thousands of businesses throughout the globe. The solution combines the robust functionality of on-prem servers with the accessibility of the cloud, providing small and mid-sized businesses with a secure, accessible email platform.

As Microsoft continues to improve the solution, a number of new updates were recently announced that significantly simplify email management within Exchange Online. We’ll review the new features below.

Watch the JourneyTEAM Tech Insider Update Microsoft Exchange video here:

New Exchange Admin Center is GA

Previously only available in public preview since June 2020, the new Exchange Admin Center is now GA. The browser-based portal can be used to manage users’ Exchange Online environments. It features customizable dashboards, smart reporting capabilities, a smart, user-friendly interface, and more.

Other noteworthy features include the support of Exchange Online PowerShell from a browser and cross-tenant mailbox moves. The cross-tenant mailbox move is particularly useful for those who frequently undertake merger or acquisition projects.

It’s important to note that some features within the admin center are not yet available or require some planning/learning in order to use.

Spoof Intelligence Management

To enhance the security around Exchange Online environments, Microsoft released a number of updates to improve spoofing activity management. The purpose of these updates is to simplify the configuration of domain spoofing policies.

Many of these updates apply specifically to reporting. For example, one update enables users to create a spoof mail report that provides a historical view of up to the last 90 days of spoofing activity.

Another noteworthy update was made on Exchange’s threat policies page under “Tenant Allow/Block Lists”. Previously, the maximum number of those protected from spoofing was 60. That number has now been raised to 350, which is particularly beneficial for larger teams.

Reply All Storm Protection Feature Update

When this feature was first announced, it only prevented email storms in larger distribution lists (at minimum 5,000 people). Microsoft has now lowered this number to 2,500, a major advantage for mid-sized businesses.

The latest update also allows admins to customize detection thresholds to meet organization-specific security requirements. Additionally, admins can easily turn the feature on or off via PowerShell.

With these updated features, organizations are better protected from the potentially devastating impact that comes from reply to all email storms.

Enhance the Functionality of Exchange Online with JourneyTEAM

Every new update to Exchange online improves the security and accessibility of the cloud-based solution, ensuring businesses have flexible, sustainable email solutions.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we at JourneyTEAM have extensive experience in both implementing and customizing Exchange Online solutions within business networks. To find out more, contact a JourneyTEAM representative today.


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