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SharePoint Online and Power BI for an Improved User Experience

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

See how an engineering company used Power BI to streamline data access and improve decision-making.

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An engineering company wanted to simplify communication and collaboration processes within their internal team. They needed modernized solutions that would organize their documentation and data to improve consistency and accuracy across their organization.

This engineering firm has over 800 employees, each of which needed smooth access and editing rights to documentation. Their legacy intranet was on-prem and limited in its access and collaboration capabilities. Team members could not easily find desired documents or communicate efficiently overall. They needed a structured documentation process in place.

Another pain point in the engineer’s business processes was reporting. Data was previously gathered and tracked in Excel but was inconsistent and misinterpreted across users. To give users accurate information and streamline the process, they needed a reporting tool that was easy to use and could track data consistently in one concise location.

Microsoft SharePoint For Corporate Communications and Document Management

Migrating to a modern workplace solution granted this company the collaboration features they desired. JourneyTEAM helped them build a custom SharePoint intranet with improved design in an easy-to-access and organized environment. Team members started benefiting from this right away and are already seeing over 95,000 page views in their SharePoint intranet in just 30 days. There are also an average of between 40-50 unique users using their new intranet each day. Modern workplace solutions have improved search capabilities which allow users to browse data with simple terms, saving time finding essential information.

Microsoft Power BI for Consistent Reporting

Many users gained much-needed consistency when generating reports. They can now view their data in confidence, knowing where it came from and that other users are seeing the same information. They can also use Power BI’s flexibility to quickly get data insights as well as track different datasets in one report. The new reporting solution has helped them make important data-driven decisions as well as how and where to focus efforts within their business.

Communication and collaboration were greatly increased among this team of engineers. They are now able to efficiently work on projects and view updated, accurate information when accessing their intranet. Business leaders are also able to view consistent reports that accurately show how data relates to each other.

Contact a JourneyTEAM solutions specialist today to learn more about the benefits of SharePoint and Power BI and what it can do for your business.

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