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Support Options at JourneyTEAM

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Here at JourneyTEAM, the ongoing support is catered to your unique business needs. Our proactive support methods mean we don’t just react when you have an issue, we strive to anticipate potential issues before they arise.

Here are a few ways our support crew will support you and your business

  • Knowing the best support practices within each industry.

  • Review your entire system quarterly to evaluate the performance of your solutions and features implemented. We will provide a security audit of your system to help avoid potential data and security breaches.

  • Providing a detailed report of how and where to improve, what potential issues can arise, and a roadmap for additional technology and type of assistance in the future.

  • Providing contact information for JourneyTEAM support IT members, developers, and consultants who have the expertise needed to assist your problems.

  • Training users to ensure you get the most out of your technology investment.

michael miles IT Director at JourneyTEAM

Michael Miles is the Support team director here at JourneyTEAM. He has 30 years in the technology consulting industry, with 20 years running his own consulting company. He has specific expertise in Business Process Automation, Content Management, and Customer Service and has helped companies in the Healthcare, Financial Services, and Energy sectors improve their customer experience and deliver greater value to their stakeholders through the successful implementation of technology solutions.

JourneyTEAMs support options

Michael leads a team of IT professionals who are ready to answer your call and help you troubleshoot your specific issue at hand. Our team will get you in touch with

the right Architects and Developers at JourneyTEAM to efficiently solve your problem.


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