Microsoft Updates and Releases: JourneyTEAM Introduces What’s New in Microsoft Cloud

Updated: Mar 22

JourneyTEAM hosted the August Q3 Tech Insider Update previewing the latest Microsoft releases, updates, and changes, including those to Microsoft Cloud and Office 365. These powerful new capabilities in Microsoft Cloud support organizations’ initiatives to continually improve IT and cybersecurity governance and risk management, while staying current with security measures.

The Latest Updates to Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, and Intune: Now Microsoft Unified Endpoint Management

Exchange Online

  • Modern Authentication

  • Mailbox Import/Export

  • Outlook App Updates

  • Team Calendar Access for On-premises Clients


Exchange Online PowerShell V2 cmdlets (now in GA) support modern authentication and unattended scripts for more secure user authorization. The V2 cmdlets, which were previously only available in preview mode, are more reliable and efficient than their predecessors and 4-8x faster. Note that the V1 cmdlets will be retired in the second half of 2021. A modern authentication UI is now available in Office 365 Admin Center under “Settings” that allows easy enabling/disabling of authentication for various services and components.

Easily recover deleted mailbox items through a simple UI in the Office 365 Admin Center. Previously this feature was available only through PowerShell. This feature requires that “Mailbox Import Export” RBAC role for accounts is enabled.

Watch the Exchange Online | Modern Authentication | Mailbox Import/Export here


Higher security controls on corporate data access on mobile devices: This includes controls on conditional access, improved security for Android 10 devices, and enforcing greater password complexity requirements. In line with your organizational policies, you can determine the level of password complexity, which is encouraged as you review current password policies. Updates to the app also include the ability to book workspaces in both Android and Mac.

Calendars are now viewable in Teams in the cloud and Exchange on-premises. A couple easy steps is all it takes to enable this to work.

Azure AD (Active Directory)

  • Workday and Azure AD Integration

  • Azure AD Graph API Updates

  • Access Reviews for Specific Groups and Users

  • Alternate Login

  • Support for Remote Desktop Services Web Client

  • Azure AD Sign-ins Portal


Great news if your organization uses Workday for HR: updates to the Workday to Azure AD integration now promote greater efficiency in the onboarding and offboarding processes. Thanks to the updates to this powerful integration, HR departments that use Workday as a master into Azure AD can reduce its dependency on IT for provisioning and de-provisioning. They will also have access to emails, usernames, and phone numbers that come directly from AD.

The integration can now also automate the creation or disabling of an account in Azure AD. For example, if the hiring process is rescinded for any reason, it will disable account creation in Azure AD. Further, new AD accounts will only be created after the “New Hire” process is completed.


Announcement: If your current setup talks to the Azure AD graph (not the Microsoft Graph for all Office 365 services), please note that security updates and support will stop on June 30, 2022. Organizations using Azure AD graph applications are advised to migrate to Microsoft Graph now.

Azure AD access reviews can now be added to specific groups and users, which is a great addition to your organization’s cloud governance and identity management initiatives. This enables control and specific targeting of what users can access. Some automation capabilities for this are available through Microsoft Graph (beta).

Watch the Azure AD | Access Reviews | Alternate Logins | Support video here


Alternate Login, now available in public preview on Azure, allows users to log in using their email address (instead of limited to username only), even if the email address and username are different. If your organization has usernames that are different than users’ primary email addresses, this allows authentication to Azure without having to change a UPN or username to match the email address.

Updates to Remote Desktop: Azure Ad Proxy allows publishing of Remote Desktop Services through the web with additional security. This works if Ad Proxy is later than version 1.5.1975.0.

Watch the mysignins video here

Another exciting update is the GA of the Azure AD sign-ins portal for end users, On this site, users can access record of their sign-ins to see where their account has been logged in from – what device, IP address, and location. Users can report “that wasn’t me” or “this was me” to help track risky behavior. Users will be prompted to change their password in situations that raise any concern.

Intune: Now Microsoft Unified Endpoint Management

  • Autopilot for Azure AD

  • Hybrid Join Scenarios – No VPN Needed!

Microsoft recently rolled out the autopilot feature for Azure AD hybrid join scenarios. Administrators can domain join a Windows 10 computer when that computer is off the corporate network. This allows a hands-off experience for IT where they do not have to touch the computer at any point. The device is joined to traditional AD on-prem with no VPN required. This is a particularly important new feature for organizations that have been interested in autopilot but are not ready to do Azure AD joining for Windows 10 devices and still need group policies and traditional on-prem models.

Watch Intune – Now Microsoft Unified End Point Manager | Autopilot for Azure AD | Hybrid Join Scenarios

In addition to Microsoft Cloud, the Q3 Insider Update highlights changes to Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM), Power Platform Automate and Power Apps, Dynamics 365 Business Central (ERP), and Power BI and Business Analytics. Watch the full JourneyTEAM Q3 2020 Tech Insider Update here.

If you want to learn more about the latest updates to the Microsoft technologies most relevant to your organization, browse our Q3 Tech Insider Update playlist for shorter videos focused on each individual Microsoft technology.

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