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The Power of Dynamics 365: 6 Practical Use Cases of the Microsoft Solution

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

One of the biggest drawbacks to traditional on-premise CRM systems is the lack of accessibility. The valuable customer information stored here is only accessible from a company device during work hours. This inaccessibility is not suited for today’s always-on world. Employees must be able to access valuable data at any time, from anywhere, and on any device. Whether it’s making a quick amendment to a contract or searching for a potential prospect’s phone number, accessibility is key.

With cloud-based CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365, users are given the freedom to work from anywhere at any time. Additionally, the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of this solution enable companies to connect more deeply with customers, increase revenue and business growth, and boost productivity.

To illustrate the true power of this system, we’ll review how seven real companies utilized the solution in their own environments.

Company A Improves Communication with New Groupware

When a mid-sized manufacturer was looking to reorganize and update their 15-year-old groupware solution, they had very specific requirements. One requirement was finding software that enabled employees in both domestic and foreign offices to collaborate and share documents in order to increase and improve communication.

One executive stated: “We needed new groupware that allowed us to work regardless of time and place and actively communicate with our partners and customers not only in-house but around the world.”

By introducing Dynamics 365, Company A was essentially able to create mobile offices that enabled employees from anywhere in the world to work and collaborate at any time. Additionally, the company was able to develop and deploy this new groupware without professional help, enabling them to save time and money.

Shipping Company Boosts Collaboration and Visibility

When the number of complaints around a nautical manufacturer’s groupware system began to rise, executives began their search for a smarter, more accessible tool. Specifically, they wanted groupware that would enable employees from offices worldwide to communicate and collaborate seamlessly.

By introducing Office 365, the text breaks and poor functionality of their old groupware system were eliminated. Documents could now be shared with employees worldwide; users could now easily edit and change files such as production and shipping schedules with ease. Ultimately, Company C provided users with real-time visibility into vital documents, schedules, and files which improved collaboration and communication across teams.

One representative from Company C stated: “We’ve created a department-specific folder within Office 365 and are posting documents such as business logs, sales status, client status, and progress rate. Executives are referring to this and making important decisions.”

200% Productivity Increase in Personal Safety Company

Company D is a mid-sized organization that manufactures personal safety products. However, due to rapid industry and business changes, the company struggled to stay ahead of these changes, resulting in a dramatic drop in productivity. To combat this, Company D turned to Dynamic 365’s shared folders to gain real-time visibility of sales and manufacturing data.

With these real-time views, the company standardized their development and research processes, helping them to make data-informed decisions more quickly. This resulted in a 200% increase in productivity per user.

Health Supplement Company Unifies Research and Development Processes

Communication between headquarters and external research teams was fragmented, slow, and incomplete within a certain health supplement company. To improve communication and collaboration across sites, executives needed a solution that unified and centralized research and development processes. By doing so, it would ensure that everyone, regardless of their location, could collaborate on tasks.

With Dynamics 365, processes in both research and development were systemized, including extraction, ordering, quality control, and enrichment. Additionally, Microsoft OneNote enabled users to collaborate on materials like test papers, patents, experimental reports, and certificates in real-time.

One representative stated: “Through Office 365, we were able to meet both demands, including those who wanted to draft articles on PCs and those who wanted to author articles online. We also used real-time document modifications to speed up the editorial inspections, and it’s much easier for reporters and desks to write articles together.”

Game Developer Reduces Stress on IT Departments

Rapid growth in Company E resulted in an overwhelming amount of support tickets and issues within thier IT department. To help IT staff focus on more important tasks, like safeguarding company information and monitoring real-time threats, executives turned to Dynamics 365.

Using Azure Active Directory, Company E set up a personal database where unofficial IT support could be shared. Here, employees, regardless of their title, could share solutions to common IT issues by creating and sharing knowledge articles. Single sign-on and user authentication ensured all information was kept secure and only authorized users could access the system. As a result, IT teams could focus on more important tasks and respond faster to potential security threats.

Company F Strengthens System Security

To safeguard company data, a popular game developer created an in-house application designed to inspect file attachments for confidential data, malware, and viruses. This app also actively monitors security threats from all incoming emails; yet, despite the application’s functionality, it struggled to quickly and appropriately respond to Zero-Day Attack, a virus designed to exploit security vulnerabilities.

Dynamics 365 was introduced to bridge this gap. With the solution’s multi-tier security environment in place, all email servers were protected from both Zero-Day Attack and other cybersecurity threats. Additionally, the inflow of malicious code was eliminated, the amount of spam mail within Company F’s environment was dropped to 1/10, and email-related IT requests were reduced.

Create Your Ideal Dynamics 365 Environment with JourneyTEAM

In addition to Dynamics 365’s flexibility, agility, and reliability, the solution features a number of customization tools. Using these tools, we at JourneyTEAM help you create an ideal environment that meets specific business goals, streamlines workflows, improves productivity, and reduces costs.


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