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Use Power BI for Consistent Data Reporting Within Financial Services

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

One financial loan company struggled with viewing inconsistent data in their reports. They were looking to ensure accurate data no matter the user or the time the data was accessed. With this company's data updating each day, they needed a consistent and trustworthy single source of truth.

One Financial lender JourneyTEAM worked with is a non-profit that grants loans to those starting businesses all over the United States. This lender manages large amounts of different types of loan information including application status’s, balances of loans, the personal information of those who receive the loans, loan payment history, and much more. Because they have so much information, having the proper data reporting tool would be essential to successfully tracking their loan information.

With their legacy data software in place, many of this business’s users were accessing the data daily, but their categories and fields set on the data they would be evaluating was inconsistent. This would cause inaccuracies across the data they were looking at which posed miscommunication and would lead to other areas of incorrect data on their reports. They needed a tool that would offer accurate information across the board no matter the user or data criteria so they could make informed data-driven decisions.

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Power BI for Data Analytics

JourneyTEAM developers worked with this financial lender’s team to implement Microsoft Power BI. Power Automate was used to transfer all of this company’s data from their various data warehouses and platforms, and pulled it all into Power BI so it would be in one concise location. Users across the company would now be able to more easily find and access data, as well as ensure the data was correct no matter the user. Implementing Power BI for this financial team also had the benefits of quicker refresh times, an improved authentication process, and a seamless connection to the other Microsoft tools this financial business had in place such as Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365.

Power BI provides powerful visualization tools to easily understand and manage data. JourneyTEAM specializes in helping businesses adopt one curated dataset and access all of their data in one accurate location, Power BI. Contact a specialist today with any questions.


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