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Utah Nonprofits Association is Honored to have Ed Roberson Join the Board of Directors

SALT LAKE CITY – The Utah Nonprofits Association (UNA) is delighted to announce that Ed Roberson (of JourneyTEAM) is joining their Board of Directors. The UNA offers a wide variety of educational, networking, time, and cost saving benefits that bring real value to their members.

Ed Roberson is a well-known figure in the Utah business community, and has deep roots in Salt Lake City, Utah. For over 15 years, Roberson has been a President's Ambassador for the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce. He has also served on the boards of several other local Chambers of Commerce. Ed works at JourneyTEAM as the Business Development Director with deep knowledge in Microsoft Dynamics 365, CRM, ERP, Office 365, Azure, Okta, Cybersecurity, and many other technology systems.

"Non-profit organizations and charities have mission-driven, incredibly passionate people, but they often operate in resource-constrained environments with complicated success measurements. This means that they often have special administrative needs requiring special technology considerations..." said Ed Roberson.

Ed Continued... “I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Kate Rubalcava and her staff on several projects at UNA over the past several years and look forward to expanding on that relationship.”


A former rocket scientist, Ed Roberson has experience in the telecommunications and IT infrastructure, defense, and private technology consulting industries. He has well-established corporate, technical, and networking connections which he hopes to use in support of the Utah Non-Profits Association. Roberson is married and has six sons. He has made his home in Utah ever since graduating from the University of Texas-Austin.


Utah Nonprofits Association embraces best practices in our board of directors; in governing this organization they develop and assist UNA in reaching the goals outlined in our strategic plan. UNA seeks strong and diverse members to join our board of directors. As outlined in our bylaws, at least half of board members will represent nonprofit member organizations; the remaining positions will be individual or corporate members that provide specific expertise valuable in governing the organization and assisting in reaching the goals defined in the strategic plan.

The UNA board operates with the help of several board committees that assist with topics in training, membership, communications, conference, and policy and advocacy. If you are interested in serving on the UNA board or a board committee please send your resume along with the application below to the contact information on the form.


Join us for the Utah Non Profit Association Conference — Sept 25, 2018

Talk with Ed or JourneyTEAM about your Non-Profit Technology Needs


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