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Microsoft Updates and Releases: What’s New in Microsoft Teams Tasks, Lists, and Yammer

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Organizations that tuned into the Q3 Tech Insider Update hosted by JourneyTEAM were presented with the latest communication and collaboration enhancements and integrations released for Microsoft Teams. The updates include task management capabilities with a new Tasks app, as well as Together Mode in video conferencing. Yammer has also been integrated as a Community app to make Teams an even more effective and powerful home base for daily operations. Finally, Microsoft Lists are now generally available in Teams so organizations can track issues and organize information from one location.

Microsoft Teams

· Tasks in Teams (Planner and To Do)

· Together Mode

Microsoft Teams brings together all the tools organizations need to chat with colleagues, have meetings, and collaborate in one central workspace. Adding to the centralized experience is the new Tasks app that merges individual tasks, powered by Microsoft To-Do, and team tasks powered by Microsoft Planner, for complete task management. The Tasks app in Teams is now available in desktop, web, and mobile experiences. Users can navigate to the app on the left side to get access to their Planner and personalized To-Do tasks. Within an individual team’s Channel, the Tasks app can be made available as a tab across the top.

When the Tasks app is installed on the Teams desktop client, users can also see it on their web and mobile environments. However, guest users will be limited only to mobile and not be able to see it on the desktop version.

A fresh take on interactive video conferences, the new Together Mode feature combines decades of research and development to virtually connect attendees in one space. The virtual filter makes it appear as though the participants are in the same environment, side-by-side, like seated in an auditorium, coffee shop or meeting room. This feature enables more effective meetings in the work-from-home era as many people suffer from “meeting fatigue.” Together Mode can help engage participants through “togetherness,” and allow presenters to better gauge audience reactions as a whole. This feature, as demonstrated in the video below, works best with participants sitting forward in front of their webcams.

Yammer Communities App / Team Integration

· Yammer Communities app now integrated in Teams

· Teams now a greater home base of operations

Yammer is an enterprise social networking platform that connects and engages employees through shared communication such as messaging, news and announcements, as well as live and on-demand internal events. Now, Yammer Communities has been brought to the Teams experience. By integrating the Yammer Communities app, Teams becomes an even greater hub for operations and communications across the organization.