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JourneyTEAM's Exclusive Sherpa Program

Implement Microsoft technology for your organization under the mentorship of an expert, every step of the way.

Why A Sherpa Program Might Be Your Best Option

Implementing a new Microsoft solution involves a lot of moving parts within your company's digital ecosystem. This can make it tough to allocate budget and resources to create a solution that works best for you. Our Sherpa Programs help keep costs low by working through implementations in a group setting under the guidance of our in-house Microsoft experts. This makes it a great option for companies looking to take more ownership and do more of their own work for a successful implementation.

What Sherpa Programs are available?

Reach out for upcoming Sherpa Program start dates:



Sherpa Program

Is your technology system over-customized and difficult to manage? Do you struggle with complicated financial or inventory management?

Experience the relief of a fully supported and integrated financial and inventory system. Know the ease of seeing all your master data and reports in one place. Deploy Dynamics 365 Business Central with expert help.

Kickoff Date:

Aug. 1, 2023


What's Included With Each Sherpa Program

  • Group Workshops

  • Senior Consultant Access Sessions

  • 1:1 Sessions

  • Community Access

  • Ability to Join Managed Services

  • Training Sessions


What Previous Sherpa Program Attendees Shared

"The Sherpa Program almost immediately set us at the right comfort level to make this big change in our organization. It was not the elephant that we made it out to be. Taking the guided approach helped us understand how Business Central actually works, made us realize it’s not much different from a user-level yet it can do all we need and more."

- Christina Hauenstein, Chief Digital Officer at REMA

"We wanted to be light on customizations, train our staff internally to become more self-sufficient, and do all of this quickly and at a fixed price. JourneyTEAM's Sherpa Program was the best fit for us."

- Roberto Santilli, General Manager at Miretti Americas

Let's Talk About the Sherpa Program

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