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Mountain View JourneyTEAM Viva Sales Sherpa

Deploy Microsoft Viva with Confidence

Keep Microsoft Viva implementation costs low while ensuring successful adoption through the Viva Sherpa Program.

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What is the value of the Viva Sherpa Program? 

Discover how Microsoft Viva can boost initiatives or foster organization-wide engagement by inspiring your team, providing essential tools for collaboration, and accurately quantifying success.

​Weekly Coaching Sessions: To help your company be successful in a self guided implementation with the focus on:


  • Following best practices of Viva to support multiple aspects of the Employee Experience

  • Guiding conversations to ensure that each organization is focusing on meeting business objectives and strategic initiatives

  • Adoption and change management

Workshops: To give your company guided training and instruction to learn the basics of each Viva module:


  • Engage

  • Connections

  • Learning

  • Topics

  • Insights

  • Goals

How much does the Viva Sherpa Program cost?  $6,500


How long does the Viva Sherpa Program last? weeks

What you get: Your team is trained with skills to configure Microsoft Viva to fit your organization's needs.


Interested in talking with a guide?

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Deeper Dive into the Viva Sales Sherpa Program 

There are 4 main areas covered in a Sherpa Program:

------------------------ WEEK 1

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1. Discovery & Environmental Setup

Your Viva Sherpa guide will meet with your team and gain understanding of your current environment:

• Brief explanation for the use of Viva in your technology stack

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Your guide will also assist your team members in setting up the proper:

• Credentials

• Licensing

• Workspace

What Our Customers Have to Say

“Excellent Staff, They are reponsive, a pleasure to work with, and understand our needs. They offer suggestions based on their experience when we are lacking in knowledge to set up what we need for success." 

– Mark Dunn, Rio Grande Fence Company

JourneyTEAM's Solution Partner Designations

JourneyTEAM Solution Partner Designation business applications specialist
JourneyTEAM Solution Partner Designation digital app innovation
JourneyTEAM Solution Partner Designation data ai azure
JourneyTEAM Solution Partner Designation infrastructure azure
JourneyTEAM Solution Partner Designation security threat protection

The Destination is Worth the Journey

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