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Centro de la Familia's Journey to Enhanced Data Management and Reporting with Microsoft
Power Apps

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About the Client

Centro de la Familia, a non-profit organization serving children and families in NV, UT, and CO, has been a beacon in the early childhood education sector for nearly 50 years. Centro de la Familia’s primary mission is to prepare low- income families to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.


  1. Inefficient Document and Data Management
    Tracking the lifecycle of numerous documents and activities, from health screenings to educational assessments, was challenging, disjointed, and time-consuming for the employees. Centro de la Familia wanted a solution that held all their data entries in one consolidated location so teachers could spend more time with students.

  2. Data Accessibility and Reporting
    With over 1,200 children across 27 centers, Centro de la Familia struggled with gathering data efficiently and creating impactful reports to manage growth and key performance indicators. Due to broken reports from their legacy system, and not owning their own data (government owned systems and applications) they wanted a custom solution that would provide data autonomy and the ability to turn their own data into secure visual reports.

  3. User Experience and Efficiency
    Staff felt the previous system and processes were not user friendly, and significantly slowed their daily operations. Teachers were spending excessive time navigating the legacy applications, they wanted a solution that was user friendly and efficient. Danny Reyes, Health Manager at Centro de la Familia said, “with the previous application, we were not allowed to customize some of the activities that we ask our staff to complete, and the reports were not working all the time. There were some issues with the system feeding into our dashboards, and it was just not compatible with (other technologies) we were using.”


Centro de la Familia partnered with JourneyTEAM to overhaul their data management and reporting systems through the development of a custom Power App they named C-Fit. This solution was designed to streamline data entry, improve data visibility through Power BI dashboards, and enhance communication within the organization. The app included features for entering in data on attendance, meal tracking, health, and incident reporting, and allowed for easy access to critical information, making daily operations more efficient for teachers and staff and more impactful for the organization.


  1. Streamlined Operations and Efficiency
    Centro de La Familia’s custom Power App, C-Fit, significantly reduced the time required for data entry and management. Tasks that used to take teachers around 5 minutes to complete now only take one. This allows staff to focus more on their responsibilities and time with the children they serve. Teachers and health managers found the app’s ability to track and manage activities and screenings invaluable for operational efficiency.

  2. Enhanced Data-Driven Decision Making
    With integrated Power BI dashboards, Centro’s staff of over 300 users could now access real-time data and reports, enabling better decision-making and program management for leadership. This improved visibility helped staff meet and exceed Head Start government requirements and other organizational goals.

  3. Improved User Experience
    C-Fit has dramatically improved daily operations and data entries which directly benefits teachers and supervisors. Teachers reported significant time savings, allowing them to dedicate more attention to their students’ educational and developmental needs instead of troubleshooting technology. Additionally, supervisors experienced a streamlined process for data analysis and report generation and could easily identify areas and resources that needed additional training or adjustments.

JourneyTEAM Power Apps specialists also helped Centro de la Familia users adopt the new app with 1:1 training. Euleta Christiansen, Senior Program Specialist at Centro de la Familia, shared “The new Power App is so simple that it only takes users one hour of training with their supervisor, and that’s pretty much all they need. The app itselfis very user-friendly, and self-explanatory.” Mindi Casto, Education Specialist at Centro goes on to share “When Journey team helped train us on the program, they came to our center, and they sat down with us as a group, and we just played with the program. JourneyTEAM helped us walk through each area. And anytime we had any type of question, JourneyTEAM would answer it.”

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