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Adoption and
Change Management

Create lasting change with your new digital platforms. Contact JourneyTEAM to discuss change management and onboarding plans.

Teams Adoption Anchor

Improved Adoption and Productivity are Right Around the Corner!

Studies show that companies are six times more likely to meet or exceed business objectives when effective change management is in place.  Having a detailed plan is vital to help embrace and adopt new technology, increase productivity, and be equipped to face upcoming changes.

The team at JourneyTEAM developed a complete methodology for successful change management, tailored for customers to drive Microsoft adoption and productivity.

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Methodology and Approach

Three Phases to Driving Change

At each point in the process, our change management specialists know the right questions to ask and can identify opportunities to advise.

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Discover and create a strategy. Identify and prioritize business objectives.  This stage is critical as you plan set goals and measure success.

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With a blueprint from the envision phase, you now have plans and activities necessary to implement change and scale.  Create awareness, communicate, and train.  Provide resources to support and reinforce learning.

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Drive Value

Gather feedback. Business outcomes are measured, and any necessary corrective action is identified and implemented.  Success depends on understanding user needs, usage, productivity, and satisfaction.


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Start enabling the change you need to realize a true digital experience where employees increase productivity, and you achieve business outcomes.

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