Adoption and Change Management

Change is constant. Is your organization ready?

Technology Is Transforming How We Work

Measured Results

Studies show that companies are six times more likely to meet or exceed business objectives when effective change management is in place.  Having a detailed plan is vital to help embrace and adopt new technology, increase productivity, and be equipped to face upcoming changes.   


The New Natural Rhythm of Work

It’s critical for your organization to not only adopt new services, but also to embrace those services and use them comfortably. Ensure everyone has the capabilities to bring about change, adopt new technologies and align with your organization's goals with a proven approach.

A 3-Phased Approach to Adoption



Discover and create a strategy. Identify and prioritize business objectives.  This stage is critical as you plan set goals and measure success.



With a blueprint from the envision phase, you now have plans and activities necessary to implement change and scale.  Create awareness, communicate, and train.  Provide resources to support and reinforce learning.

What's Next?



Drive Value

Gather feedback. Business outcomes are measured, and any necessary corrective action is identified and implemented.  Success depends on understanding user needs, usage, productivity, and satisfaction.


It's Time To Get To Work

We will help you create your own personalized plan and put it to action.  We’ve compiled everything you need to assemble your team, create your adoption strategy, and launch the next technology in your workplace.

Adoption and Change Management Workshop

Use a people-focused approach to creating a change-ready organization.

Empower your organization to deliver excellence!

This adoption planning workshop enables businesses and IT leaders to identify customer use cases, create strategic alignment, and define actionable roadmaps that deliver transformational business value. Each phase of the workshop drives the customer intent by identifying priorities and business objectives tied to people, timelines, and actions.  


Workshop Details

A modular engagement to experience vision and use case scenarios.  This workshop is designed to guide you through the process of a simplified technology solution. Through ‘art of the possible’ demonstrations, use-case design, and deep-dive planning you will obtain actionable recommendations to deploy and adopt your organization’s technology.

Phase 1 -  Pre-engagement 

Needs are identified and information helps guide workshop and deliverables.

Phase 2 - Business Outcomes Workshop 

Drive intent to deploy specific technologies on business priorities.

Phase 3 - Adoption & Change Management Planning 

Deep dive planning based on business objectives and priorities.

Workshop Deliverables:

  • An evaluation of your current environment  

  • Specific business objectives and outcomes identified 

  • Direction on how to transition various user profiles into the new environment  

  • Communication and awareness plan 

  • Who will be trained and what will they be trained on 

  • Resistance management 

  • Customized, actionable recommendations you can follow to enable and adopt desired technology 

  • Adoption and change management plan 

  • Define success and establish success metrics 

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