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Identity Security Assessment

Improve cybersecurity measures, safeguard critical data, and fortify your M365 Cloud Environment with the Identity Security Assessment.

Identity Access Management JourneyTEAM Microsoft Partner

Stay Ahead of Unforseen Security Challenges

If concerns about your Microsoft 365 Identity and Access controls keep you up at night, JourneyTEAM’s Identity Security Assessment reviews your systems to provide guidance, while providing peace of mind. 

The assessment reviews: 

Intelligent Identity

Current Security Posture

  • Identify and report on potential vulnerabilities in your Entra and Microsoft Cloud Environment 

  • Understand what protections are in place or should be in place that ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information 

Single Sign On Identity

Seamless Mobile and Remote User Access

  • Recommend a solid foundation of security and best practice configurations (Including SSO) 

  • Understand how to secure access from any device and location with access protections and permissions 

Secure Identity Mangement

Analyze Compliance and Regulatory

  • Review relevant data protection regulations and industry standards and recommend proper configuration of identity and security solutions and policie

How the Assessment Works


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First, we analyze your M365 identity environment to understand current configurations and identify vulnerabilities 

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See how one organization got a comprehensive report and roadmap for maturing their cloud security.

Fortifying-Security Zero Trust IAM Security Assessment Use Case cover


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