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The Difference of

Adoption & Support

Feel confident driving company-wide adoption with our support team to keep your systems running smoothly.

84% of digital transformation

initiatives fail.*

70% of digital transformations don’t deliver the expected results.*

75% of digital transformations settled for dilution of value and mediocre performance.*

Businesses spend $1.3 trillion every year on digital transformation projects.*

90+% of JourneyTEAM customers return. Not only was adoption successful, they are ready to for the next level of technology growth.

Sustained Adoption & Dedicated Support

JourneyTeam is committed to the sustained adoption of your system.  The long-term achievement of your business objectives is much more likely if 3 factors are met:

1. Respond 

Reinforcement of the importance of the new system and process by responding quickly when users have a question or encounter a problem.

2. Iterate

Iterative improvement as users become more familiar with the tool and how to optimize it for your specific use case.

3. Monitor

Proactively monitoring the health and usage of the system to identify potential roadblocks early before they grow into barriers to adoption.

These 3 factors are met by:

Adoption & Support Plans

JourneyTEAM’s Adoption & Support Plans are focused on ensuring:

  • Connecting you with our Dedicated Support team

  • Consulting Time – Allocating specific consulting time to implement your update and enhancement requests

  • Monthly Reports – Providing regular adoption and usage reports

  • Configuring Automated Notifications to our support team if a critical flow, process or service fails

  • Identifying recommendations for steps you can take to Avoid Security Issues or other problems in the future

Adoption and Support Plans (Graphic).jpg

3 levels to choose from. See: pricing, dedicated hours, training, audits, security, workshops, +

Adoption and Support Plans (Graphic).jpg

Use Cases & Videos

Use Cases & Videos

Get Your Support-Related Questions Answered

Talk to an expert at JourneyTEAM to learn more about how our support team can help with your next implementation project.

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