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Microsoft Solutions for Equipment Manufacturing

How JourneyTEAM Helps Equipment Manufacturers Improve Productivity, Profitability, and Customer Loyalty

Microsoft Solutions for Manufacturing:

Industrial Process Machinery

Medical Imaging Systems

Capital Fixtures

Field Equipment

Durable Goods

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Managed Mixed Mode Operations and Accounting in One Solution

  • Gain end-to-end visibility into inventory and labor costs with a connected manufacturing platform

  • Drive productivity throughout your production, installation, service, and customer lifecycle

  • Reduce the risks of over- or under-stocking inventory and spare parts with advanced planning and forecasting tools

  • Plan for materials and associated labor with reassurance your projected costs are accurate

  • Achieve optimum work order efficiency by access project insights

Maximize Resources and Inventory with Intelligent Planning Tools

  • Eliminate labor redundancy and anticipate bottlenecks before they occur by sharing resource and inventory information across departments

  • Create a more resilient supply chain with a flexible solution that spans modes and locations

  • Use data to better understand resource utilization and impact across your organization

  • Make more profitable business decisions with real-time insights and performance metrics

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Anticipate Customer Needs to Build Long-Term Relationships

  • Deliver an exceptional customer service experience by accurately aligning parts, technicians, and work orders

  • Gain valuable customer insights after product delivery or installation

  • Store customer information and customer history in one, easy-to-access location

  • Add a recurring revenue stream with preventive maintenance and service contracts.

  • Empower field technicians with detailed customer and service information at their fingertips on any device.

  • Track the lifecycle of every customerfrom sale through installation through maintenance

How Equipment Manufacturing Organization’s can Scale with Microsoft Technologies

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Get the Most Out of Equipment Manufacturing

Our dedicated Customer Service team will work with you to understand your unique goals and create a customized platform that works for your business. We provide direction and guidance on finding and implementing the right solution- every step of the way.

Step 1

Discovery Call

Tell us your story. What are you facing, dealing with, or struggling against.

Step 2

Make a Plan with Us

See the tech in action to best plan out next steps.

Step 3

Get the data you need to lead confidently!

Integrate and Streamline Your Communication

Synchronize communication across teams and deliver a single, real-time view of all data from multiple facilities and departments.

Gain complete traceability throughout your customer and equipment lifecycle:

• Lot numbers

• Serial numbers

• Manufacturing date

• Install

• Service

• Upgrades

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Get the most value from your budget:

At JourneyTEAM, we understand implementation costs depend on a myriad of factors. That’s why we provide flexible, custom pricing to meet your budgetary needs.

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Contact JourneyTEAM

Get Your Microsoft implementation project started on the right path. Contact an expert at JourneyTEAM to take the first step.

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