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Power Automate

Automate Processes and Reduce Costs with Power Automate

Streamline repetitive tasks and paperless processes with Power Automate. Increase automation across your entire enterprise with digital and robotic process automation fueled by Microsoft Power Automate.

Why Power Automate Is Leading Workflow Automation

Power Automate simplifies and streamlines manual and repetitive business tasks—all without any coding. With seamless integrations to additional Microsoft tools, you can easily build and trigger workflows based on specific actions or metrics. The result? Automated workflows and actions that free up your time so you can focus on more important tasks.

Be Productive

Time-saving workflows can be built into everything you do—from individual tasks to large-scale systems, Power Automate seamlessly integrates using hundreds of prebuilt connectors.

Quick and Secure

Build secure workflows with a no-code guided experience. Power Automate provides cloud-based data loss prevention and identity and access management services.

Intelligent Workflows

Automate time-consuming manual tasks with built-in AI capabilities. Power Automate gives you more time to focus on strategic, high-value opportunities.

Data Operations
Application Security

Pre-Built Templates

Start automating common business processes immediately with thousands of prebuilt templates.

JourneyTEAM helps you build customized automated workflows from the ground up.

“When you undergo a digital transformation like this, it is critical to have a partner at the forefront of how it works and how it can best work for us. JourneyTEAM is always at the frontier of technology.”


 — Christa Hauenstien, Chief Digital Officer (REMA TIP TOP/North America Inc.)

JourneyTEAM ensures your Power Automate integration starts off on the right path. With our proven guided implementation approach, we’ll help you build an environment that meets your specific business goals.

Power Automate Features

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Is Power Automate right for your business?

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Filtered HTML Tables in Power Automate

Manufacturer Uses Microsoft Power Automate to Increase Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Functionalities Within Microsoft Power Platform

How to Power Automates built-in connecters to connect data from disparate sources without needing to know how to make an API call.

Discover how JourneyTEAM empowered a global manufacturer to move beyond manual, time-consuming processes.

Multi-table lookups and Environmental Variables for dynamic content are now available within the Power Platform.

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Client Case Study

Migrating to a unified platform for faster, more efficient management.

How Power Automate Helps You Get Things Done

Powered by robotic process automation, Power Automate is designed to mimic your everyday actions and replicate tasks. From organizing and scheduling meetings, to automating emails and sending out content, Power Automate boosts process efficiency, reduces workloads, and optimizes performance.

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Get the Most Out of Power Automate

Our dedicated Customer Service team will work with you to understand your unique goals and create a customized platform that works for your business. We provide direction and guidance on finding and implementing the right solution- every step of the way.

Step 1

Discovery Call

Chat with JourneyTEAM experts about your goals and get guidance on how well SharePoint can help.

Step 2

Demo and Proposal

See the tech in action to best plan out next steps.

Step 3

Outline Milestones (aka, Flag Plants)

Map out success points for your implementation.

Step 4

Implement the best technology for your business complete with best practices, user adoption, and training to support you long term.

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Contact JourneyTEAM

Get Your Microsoft implementation project started on the right path. Contact an expert at JourneyTEAM to take the first step.

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