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Breaking Down Data Silos: How Dental Labs Thrive with Power BI Reporting

In the fast-paced world of the dental industry, the capability to quickly derive actionable insights from data is a game-changer. JourneyTEAM partnered with a few dental labs to revolutionize their reporting mechanism, driving efficiency and growth through Power BI.

The Problem: Disparate Systems and Time-Consuming Data Entry

When systems and processes aren’t seamlessly integrated, it is hard to measure business success. Additionally, without consolidated reporting mechanisms, leadership teams, operations managers, finance teams, and sales & marketing teams grapple with fragmented data views (manually collected), hindering timely and informed decisions.

breaking down data silos

The Solution

Collaborating closely with each dental lab, JourneyTEAM designed and implemented a custom reporting solution with Power BI. This solution includes the following:

  1. Data Integration: Connections and structures were created to extract data from the various systems into Power BI.

  2. Daily Automated Dataset Refresh: The datasets were configured to undergo daily refreshes, ensuring users had near real-time access to the latest metrics.

  3. Customized Reporting: Unique reports and dashboards were developed for each team. Some of the areas covered:

  • Sales Analytics (Revenue, Units, and Orders) – including Year Over Year (YoY) and Period Over Period (PoP) sales comparisons.

  • Remake metrics that include Total Remakes, Remake %, Analysis by Doctor, and Remake Type.

  • Performance metrics including Technician Performance by Work Type.

  • Dentist Attrition metrics to identify which dentists have stopped using the lab.

Business Outcomes

  1. Holistic Data View: The dental labs benefited from an integrated and consolidated view of their operations, enabling faster and more precise decision-making.

  2. Operational Efficiency: Critical insights like technician performance and doctor engagement are ready at a moment’s notice instead of hours to manually compile.

  3. Revenue Enhancement: With access to real-time data, their sales teams were adept at pinpointing high-value dentists showing signs of attrition, engaging new dentists to promote repeat orders, and discerning specific remakes that were impacting the bottom line.

  4. Mobility and Accessibility: The Power BI Mobile App allowed for critical data access on-the-go, breaking the tether of desktop access.

Ready to Get Started?

This partnership not only streamlined the dental labs’ data operations but also improved ROI predictions and led to pivots for more data-driven decisions.

To learn Power BI security best practices, check out this resource.

For businesses looking to break data silos and gain actionable insights, contact JourneyTEAM.


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