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Your One-Stop Source for SharePoint Consulting, Design, Branding, Development, and More. JourneyTEAM is the place to find it all!

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JourneyTEAM is Your Local Document Management and Intranet Experts.

The power of document management, a remote workforce, and a worldclass intranet can transform the way you do business.

JourneyTEAM is an award winning microsoft partner that provies consulting services, site branding and design, development, custom search solutions, migrations, application integration, guidance on building a proper taxonomy, governance planning, deployment, training, and support. 

Our senior developers speak your language. They take out-of-the-box configurations and develop custom modules and applications for meeting your specific business requirements.


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Portals for Content Management, Organization, and Collaboration

Gain Control of the Delivery of Content

JourneyTEAM has solutions that enable employees to publish, manage and retrieve content quickly and securely.  We live in a society that need collaborative solutions that solutions empower team members and increase efficiency!

  • Configuring SharePoint to allow multi-dimensional organization of content, allowing users to find content in intuitive ways

  • Providing control over delivery of content, including audience based targeting of specific content

  • Team sites, project dashboards, and committee repositories with workflow integration

  • Organization wide document collaboration

Business Forms and Workflow Services

JourneyTEAM can help streamline business processes rapidly and effectively by implementing forms-based processes:

  • Design and publication of business forms using standard web browsers

  • User access control and management

  • Integration with structured systems including databases and other line of business applications

If you’re ready to find out more about our SharePoint Consulting solutions — contact the JourneyTEAM today.  We are eager to assist with all your business needs.



Let's Get to Know Each Other

The reason we exist, our company purpose, is to provide Shared Success. That means we focus not just on the success of our business, but the success of our customers, employees, owners, partners, and community.


You have goals for your business. We have tools to help you reach them. By partnering with one another, we help each other succeed.

We’re here to help! We can get you up to speed on pricing and the implementation process, schedule a demo, or answer questions about your specific needs.