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Microsoft Solutions
for Healthcare

JourneyTEAM Helps Healthcare Organizations Improve Communication, Operations, and Security.

Microsoft Solutions for Healthcare Services:




and Supplements

Hospitals and Clinics

Medical Devices and Supplies

Doctor and Patient

Provide Actionable Insights that Improve Business and Patient Outcomes

  • Protect against fraud and improve data governance with robust tools.

  • Improve reporting with Power BI to ensure patient compliance and security.

  • View patient data trends and make informed decisions.

  • Create simplified user and patient dashboards to optimize the experience.

Engage in Personalized Care with a Single Application Solution

  • A single source of truth in the Microsoft stack centralizes data so teams can quickly access patient information.

  • With all patient interactions and records in one location, you can better attend to patients’ evolving needs. 

  • Securely store and complete documentation on an automated platform to speed up patient paperwork.

  • Unify accounting and sales data on one platform to improve workflows.

  • Alternate idea that feels a little more consistent: Centralize all patient interactions and data to better meet patients' evolving needs. 

Doctor's Appointment
Financial Analyst

Improve Management of the Medical Supply Chain Through Improved Communication

  • Improve intercompany communication through Teams for more visibility into you’re the medical supply chain.

  • Connect all departments, including accounting, insurance verification, and more.

  • Save time with organized document management that securely stores supply chain information.

  • Automate processes holding up collaboration with form capture, storage, and more.

  • Identify and ensure there are no gaps in your supply chain.

How Healthcare Organizations can Grow with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Get the Most Out of Healthcare Services

Our dedicated Customer Service team will work with you to understand your unique goals and create a customized platform that works for your business. We provide direction and guidance on finding and implementing the right solution- every step of the way.

Step 1

Discovery Call

Tell us your story. What are you facing, dealing with, or struggling against.

Step 2

Make a Plan with Us

See the tech in action to best plan out next steps.

Step 3

Get the data you need to lead confidently!

Proactively Problem Solve

JourneyTEAM solves problems regardless of your healthcare vertical—from hospitals to clinics, dental offices, regional medical centers, and durable medical equipment companies.

From local clinics to large hospital enterprises, healthcare organizations trust JourneyTEAM for technology solutions and support.

• Office productivity

• Security

• Customer relationship management

• Accounting

• Supply chain

• Intelligence

“JourneyTeam’s professionalism and responsiveness is unmatched. Not only was JourneyTeam able to meet our project’s tight timeline, but they also served as a consultative voice whose added insight and recommendations pushed our end product to the next level.”


- Laura Wallace, Blue Spring Pediatrics

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Get the most value from your budget:

Every project is unique. That’s why JourneyTEAM offers flexible, custom pricing that fits your specific project.

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Contact JourneyTEAM

Get Your Microsoft implementation project started on the right path. Contact an expert at JourneyTEAM to take the first step.

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