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Dynamics 365 Sales

Close more deals with powerful, AI driven tools.

Dynamics 365 Sales is infused with Sales Copilot, AI technology formally known as Viva Sales, empowers teams to save time and increase deal closures. 

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74% of sellers describe sales intelligence tools as critical in closing deals*

Provide Personalized Responses from Past Interactions

Your AI assistant will pull data of customer interactions with real-time call insights and conversation analysis to provide content recommendations.

Do More with an AI Assistant at Your Fingertips

Receive automated email summarization, CRM updates, meeting scheduling, and follow-ups by using natural language processing and data integration.

Receive Insights for Data Driven Decision in One Click.

From mobile tools to integration to reporting dashboards and AI generated insight takeaways, receive information that will drive more sales, in one click. Plus, automatic data entry between systems.

Experience a better way of selling with automated task management, customer personalization and fast insights. All accessible in a single system with the ability to seamlessly connect with more technology tools.

How Sales Builds an
Effortless Customer Experience

Transform your customer service. Dynamics 365 Sales features unrivalled tools that revolutionize how your agents engage with customers.


Integrate seamlessly with your business and current technology systems. Dynamics 365 Sales will connect data across your organizations to improve your business problems quickly.

JourneyTEAM helps you evaluate your current sales processes then implement the technology needed to automate, streamline, and modernize your strategy.

“Excellent sales and proposal process. JourneyTEAM was a fantastic partner and pragmatic about whats possible and what isn't. I always felt like we were problem solving vs being "sold" something because they're interested in a long-term relationship.”


-Yazhi Smith, Propeller Industries

Our Team of experts help you:

  • Understand what is possible within d365 sales and customize a solution to fit your unique business needs

  • Implement best practices due to JourneyTEAM’s vast experience with Dynamics 365 sales projects

  • Train and teach your marketing department how to successful use Dynamics 365 Marketing

  • Provide consulting and support of the module

  • Create interactive multi-channel marketing engagements

  • Empower teams to leverage Dynamics 365 CRM data for more impactful messaging

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How Mature is Your Technology Stack?

Discover how to improve your business processes using Microsoft technology with JourneyTEAM’s maturity model assessment.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Resources and Updates

See the specific benefits of Dynamics 365 Marketing and compare it to other leading solutions.”

Dynamics 365 Marketing Sherpa

Office people working man and woman planning meeting
How to Deploy Dynamics 365 Marketing Sherpa With a Quick-Start Implementation Approach

Learn more about our quick-start guided implementation approach. An ideal solution if you have the technical resources to help with some of the heavy lifting, and if you want to start using the system in a matter of weeks. Learn more about our Dynamics 365 Marketing Sherpa program.

Win more customers, close more deals, and win more revenue with Dynamics 365 Sales.
Discover how JourneyTEAM helped various customers with these use cases.

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How to Track and Unify Financial Data with Dynamics 365
construction crew working together on plans
Manufacturer Automates the Sales Quoting Process to Save Time and Resources
two people discussing technology on a laptop screen
Switching from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 to Better Track Customer Data and Improve Sales
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Get Your Microsoft implementation project started on the right path. Contact an expert at JourneyTEAM to take the first step.

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