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Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration –done better.

Experienced, Proven Methodologies with Top Microsoft Partner Consultants for the Optimal Migration Experience

Migrate all your workloads with one comprehensive Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration solution.

JourneyTEAM's guided Microsoft 365 tenant to tenant migration process allows you to migrate Microsoft 365 services including Identity, Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and devices to a new tenant. JourneyTEAM utilizes a comprehensive checklist to manage the migration, so nothing is missed. We help you avoid migration pitfalls through our proven delivery process for both merging or separating tenants.

With extensive experience performing Microsoft 365 migrations, you can focus on your business deliverables, while JourneyTEAM focuses on the technical project execution for a smooth migration.

Small, Mid, & Large 6000+ Accounts

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How Tenant to Tenant Migration with JourneyTEAM Works

With a complete specialized team with over 120 years of combined experience, here’s a quick overview of the process.

Step 1

Checklist of Discovery 

Properly analyze and scope an Microsoft 365 to Microsoft 365 migration.

Step 2

Scoping for Your Project
4-8 hour engagement with READ access (Global Reader) to the Source tenant for analysis and report.

Step 3

Estimate and Review
Together we'll discuss findings and review initial planning on the foundational identity management needs.

Step 4

Kickoff and Implementation
We'll kickoff the process of bringing the two tenants together.

Contact JourneyTEAM to get started.

Why Choose This Tenant to Tenant Migration?

Your Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant migration can include the following components:

Identity management planning and integration

Use Cases for the Tenant to Tenant Migration:

How these industries leaped over the pitfalls of digital transformation failure, and what that means to you:

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Manufacturers gain a Microsoft 365 tenant merger for a simplified user experience

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Migrate to Office 365 Online to Reduce Security Risks

Financial Services companies migrate to Microsoft 365 Online to reduce security risks

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Related Health Check: The best way to prepare your tenant for Mergers & Acquisitions

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What does a guided Tenant to Tenant Migration look like for your business?

Schedule some time with us to get a plan optimized for you.

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