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Migrate to Office 365 Online to Reduce Security Risks

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Learn how a financial services organization mitigated threats by moving from on-premise to operating fully in the cloud.

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This nationwide financial organization supports companies transferring large sums of money from one business entity to the next. Because they are frequently communicating sensitive information with other organizations, keeping transfers secure was a top priority for the organizations.

Additionally, their on-prem solutions needed updating. Rather than investing in modernizing old hardware and software, this organization wanted to migrate to the cloud. Another key reason for the migration was that the old on-prem solution was not protected against sophisticated attacks such as phishing and attempts to access accounts using brute force methods. Their on-prem solution was also expensive as their technical team would have to manually update their servers, and manually confront and fix any security breaches. A special requirement for this organization was consolidating three different server environments, each with their own email domain, into one Office 365 tenant. Migrating to Office 365 in the cloud would reduce costs, simplify the user experience by consolidation, and minimize security risks.

Office 365 Online as an Ideal Cloud Solution

Decommissioning on-prem servers and migrating to the cloud brought this FinServ organization optimum security benefits. This was accomplished using Microsoft technology to implement Multi-Factor Authentication checks when accessing Office 365. This protects their new online system for emailing and sharing/receiving files. Their business structure also benefited from Office 365 online tools, including Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, and Microsoft Teams. Users have access to updated information while keeping it secure against external sources. Additionally, they were able to cut resource costs as Microsoft does security audits and updates automatically. This eliminated the need for manual hardware updates which saves valuable time and resources.

Working with JourneyTEAM Cloud specialists, the FinServ institution was able to consolidate their three server environments into one singular Office 365 online tenant. This allowed users to access all three company mailboxes with one account.

For cloud migration guidance, contact a JourneyTEAM solutions specialist today.



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