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Financial Advising Firm Implements Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Planner to Automate Tasks

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Discover how a financial firm moved beyond manual, lengthy processes with a custom Dynamics 365 template created by JourneyTEAM developers.

This Firm’s task creation and assigning processes while onboarding their new clients was complicated and often error-filled. The firm sought to automate this process to save time and prevent important tasks from slipping through the cracks.

This financial firm offers support and coaching to financial advisors throughout the United States. They have 17 locations and work with over 8,000 businesses/clients. Their onboarding process when they acquire new firms required human resources to complete numerous tasks. At times, specific tasks would be assigned to the wrong resources or the wrong projects, which resulted in the task being done incorrectly or left uncompleted. They needed to organize project tasks and automate the process in order for it to be easily repeatable and completed correctly when onboarding new businesses. The company chose to integrate Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Planner to streamline and simplify their business processes.

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Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Planner to Improve Business Processes

Working closely with JourneyTEAM’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) developers, This advisory firm built a custom template in Dynamics 365 that includes details such as task name, assigned resource, completion date, and connected tasks. The template also included a Power Automate flow which synced tasks created in Dynamics 365 with Microsoft Planner. This allows each employee to view their assigned tasks in the Microsoft Planner app and mark them as complete as needed. The flow also allows employees to see upcoming tasks in the project lifecycle keeping them on track and productive. With an automated, organized process in place, the firm can easily replicate the process for new employees which saves valuable time.

By implementing and connecting Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Planner, their employees can now easily complete onboarding tasks with little to no errors. Microsoft Planner tasks can also be seen and commented on within Microsoft Teams, making task visibility even more easy to manage and track. By successfully automating their task creation and completion process, the firm now enjoys a simplified and streamlined process, saving valuable time for HR resources.

Ready to Upgrade Your Processes

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