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Financial Advisors Improve Customer Service with a SharePoint Intranet

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

One financial planning organization improved collaboration on documents for their employees and clients. They also gained a unified and secure structure for their client files.

This company helps nonprofits, small businesses, and individuals with their financial planning and goals. Because they have over 6,000 customers, they desperately needed an effective solution to manage all of their client documentation, ensuring it is secure and easily accessible by their advisors. Having many locations, they needed a streamlined knowledge management solution that would easily give access to needed documentation regardless of where the user was located.

This financial advisory firm also wanted to effectively collaborate on documents both with other advisors and with their customers. They were using outdated, legacy shared drives for storage, so access possibilities were limited, and they couldn’t access all needed information remotely.

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Collaboration Opportunities within SharePoint

SharePoint acted as an ideal knowledge management solution for this financial firm. They now had optimal storage capabilities, as well as simplified user access to client files. Customers could now collaborate on files at the same time as their advisors, and complete paperwork quickly and seamlessly.

By moving their documentation to the Cloud in SharePoint, they now could more safely store all of their client information, it also allowed for scalability as their business continues to grow and take on more customers, and thereby more customer documentation. A SharePoint solution would lead this company to improve the ease of their systems for improved efficiency within internal operations and raise customer satisfaction.

JourneyTEAM SharePoint Specialists

Collaborate in a meaningful, efficient way internally or externally with SharePoint. Give your business the document storage functionality it needs by contacting a JourneyTEAM solutions specialist today.


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