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Financial Services Firm Streamlines Collaboration and Content to Improve Multi-Project Management

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

One Financial Firm had restricted data accessibility, limited document management, and difficulty connecting to and communicating with one another using collaboration tools.

This financial firm was unable to provide efficient document management for its internal users. Version control, search options, and classification of content were some features that simply didn’t exist with their old usage of a file server. Moving to a modern Microsoft 365 environment would allow them access to tools and apps that would significantly enhance and simplify their day-to-day processes, and JourneyTEAM knew how to make that move simple and painless.

As the firm’s remote workforce rapidly increased, the need for successful internal distribution of information grew rapidly, forcing the firm to rethink document accessibility and content management. This company had 100 users, and JourneyTEAM built and implemented a training course for a knowledge transfer to their technical experts so they could better support their user base.

Many companies are looking to modernize their storage and server platforms as legacy file servers have restricted data accessibility and have difficulty connecting to and communicating with other collaboration tools. Luckily, JourneyTEAM's content and collaboration team has the knowledge and tools needed to help any industry improve its document management and storage.

document management

Improved Communication and Productivity within Project Teams

By Implementing Microsoft 365 and several of its features, this financial advisory company now has the communication opportunities it had been looking for. With their business growing and internal collaboration being a necessity, they greatly benefited from the use of Microsoft Teams. The internal chat method that connects directly to OneDrive now allows users to co-author documentation and communicate with fellow colleagues instantaneously. And by implementing SharePoint, they now have documents available at their fingertips when needed—and with surety these documents are secure. Finally, Azure Active Directory and Power Automate have increased system efficiency when updating and communicating with one another.

Ready to Extend the Power of Your Microsoft Framework?

Many companies already have an existing Office 365 framework, but JourneyTEAM can add on to the tools and systems you have in place to improve efficiency, simplify processes, increase productivity, and more. Simply changing the way your information is organized within your server can improve the user experience, thereby improving your IT overhead. Your documentation can be easily shared, collaborated on, and stored efficiently to improve the effectiveness of your employee communication.

Do all this and more with the expert support and guidance from JourneyTEAM. We’ll ensure your Microsoft Framework is not only operating at maximum performance but also meeting your unique business goals. And with ongoing support for OneDrive, SharePoint, and any other tool in the Microsoft stack, you’ll have full confidence that your network has optimum functionality.

For any communication and collaboration needs or questions, contact a sales representative today.


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