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Professional Services

Legal - Insurance - Education - Non-Profit - Public Sector Telecommunications - Service & Repair - Electronics - High Tech Electrical Distribution & Supply - Customer Service

JourneyTEAM provides Microsoft Dynamics 365, GP, CRM, Office 365, CyberSecurity and SharePoint solutions to help your organization manage every aspect of your business.

We understand that professional service organizations are challenged with selling unique products and services. Your industry is difficult and ever-changing. Your profitability requires that projects are estimated correctly and completed on time. To succeed you need tools to help with financials, project management, CRM, customer service and more. JourneyTEAM can enhance your technology infrastructure to allows your people to share secure data, work more effectively in the cloud, and help you make faster and smarter decisions.


  • Track all customer-facing activities across multiple communication channels

  • Improve communications with the customer through document sharing and safe Web interactions

  • Increase customer responsiveness by improving business processes such as automated routing, notifications, approvals, and escalations

  • Gain visibility into all project information and key performance indicators to enable quick and accurate decision-making with integrated project accounting and project management

  • Effectively allocate internal resources and increase billable hours

  • Boost productivity by automating business processes such as billing and invoicing

JourneyTEAM Dynamics 365 Project Management


Easily store, categorize, and search compliance documents. Ensure that managers have the necessary data and materials to maintain compliance.


Mobile CRM functionality can be critical for field sales and service operations. Field sellers are often in the field and offline, and they really need access to mapping for their Leads, Accounts (Distributors/Dealers/Customers), and territory. Having a call plan for what their next appointment is and how to get to it is critical, as is the ability to log a trip report summarizing what was discussed and sending any necessary information back to their manager or the office. Along these lines, they expect CRM to help them with basic quoting functionality on-the-go.

JourneyTEAM Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management
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