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Mortgage Company Efficiently Tracks Loan Information to Ensure High Customer Satisfaction

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

With enormous amounts of data generated every day, a large home mortgage firm struggled to efficiently track and manage data. This led to a slow, inconsistent customer experience that decreased overall satisfaction. They did not have a system in place to track the loan process lifecycle, which left them in the dark as to how to improve the process and boost customer satisfaction.

Each loan officer at the mortgage company previously relied on analyzing and viewing customer loan information in Excel sheets that were exported from their loan tracking systems. While they were tracking information, data was not secure or easily accessible by other loan officers and managers. This made it hard to compare numbers and data as well as efficiently track overall loan progression and processes. The mortgage company needed to house all customer and loan information in one single source of truth in order to generate actionable reports. They also needed to be able to evaluate the amount of time each loan spends in the loan approval process, and track loan status and repayment. This company needed to implement Microsoft Power BI to revolutionize its loan tracking process and boost overall company efficiency.

loan form on a laptop

Microsoft Power BI to Track Loan Progression

Working with JourneyTEAM Power BI specialists, they were able to gather and model all current data in Power BI. This allowed loan officers to see each part of the process in detail, as well as how long the turnaround time was for each loan phase. More specifically, employees could now track the response time of the underwriters and their approvals. This mortgage firm now knows where improvements need to be made in order to better serve their customers and speed up slow wait times.

This company can also now track and compare the progress of all their loans in a single location. This significantly improved the user experience as any loan officer could easily access up-to-date data and easily create additional loans with new customers.

Because Microsoft tools integrate together seamlessly, this mortgage company connected their Power BI reports with Microsoft SharePoint to provide remote employees with the ability to access and collaborate on loans. Loan officers can also track the progress of each loan and the repayment with specific dates in the dashboard. This provided optimum insight into loans for officers and their customers and gave customers clear information, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Evaluate Data with JourneyTEAM

Having company data in one location provides powerful insights and foundations for business growth across industries. With fast, easy access to business data, teams can faster, more informed decisions that drive innovation and growth.

At JourneyTEAM, our specialists help evaluate your existing data and provide all the tools necessary to turn data into action. Contact JourneyTEAM representatives to learn more.


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