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Deploy Power BI with Confidence

Keep Power BI implementation costs low, while ensuring successful adoption through the Power BI Sherpa Program.

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Cost Comparison: The Power BI Sherpa Program vs. a Full-service Implementation


What is the value of the Power BI Sherpa program?

 The Power BI Sherpa Program is meant to jumpstart your company’s Power BI deployment and adoption.

  • Discovery sessions assess your current environment, requirements, and skills

  • Training sessions teach Power BI basics

  • Coaching session help your company employees do their own Power BI projects

  • A checklist of Power BI best practices

How much does the Power BI Sherpa Program cost?  $15,800

How long does the Power BI Sherpa Program last? 10 weeks

What you get: Your team is trained and ready to start implementing your future Power BI projects.

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What is a Full-Service
Power BI Implementation?

A full-service Power BI implementation is completely tailored to your company’s needs. JourneyTEAM drives the design, build, launch, and adoption through: 

  • Full discovery assessment to align with your business outcomes 

  • Scope of Work with the implementation plan  

  • Designing your environment  

  • Migrating data as needed 

  • Assigning governance permissions 

  • Launching BI environment 

  • Testing dashboards and data pipelines 

  • Facilitating user adoption post-implementation 

How much does a Full-service Power BI project cost?  Projects start at ~$40K

How long does a Full-service Power BI implementation last? Completely custom to your timeline needs

What you get: Your organization has a fully functional Power BI environment with any customizations needed, as well as support to facilitate adoption post-deployment.

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Deeper Dive into the Power BI Sherpa Program 

There are 4 main areas covered in a Sherpa Program:

------------------------ WEEK 1

1. Discovery & Environmental Setup

Your Power BI Sherpa guide will meet with your team and gain understanding of your current environment:

• Business objectives

• Data sources and environment

• Team member skills and knowledge

• Reporting needs

• Security requirements

Artboard 5_1_edited.png

Your guide will also assist your team members in setting up the proper:

• Credentials

• Licensing

• On-premises data gateway (if required)

• Workspace

Still have questions? Check our FAQs for answers:

What our customers have to say

“Great team of highly capable people, could not have asked for a better Power BI migration.”

– Keith Sethman, Omni Logistics

The Destination is Worth The Journey

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