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Why SharePoint

How It Works


A Versatile Platform for Driving Cross-Team Collaboration

SharePoint is a digital platform that drives collaboration via intranet pages between your company's internal teams, such as sales, marketing, human resources, and support. We help clients with every step of the process of building their own successful SharePoint intranet program, including: 

  • Building a corporate-wide intranet site

  • Establishing the site's navigation and overall architecture

  • Organizing and structuring content

  • Creating custom solutions and integrations

  • Onboarding teams for adoption

  • Providing ongoing support as needed

Why SharePoint Is A Leading Intranet Platform



With SharePoint, you can make it easier for your employees and stakeholders to find important documents and finish day-to-day tasks. That way they spend less time hunting for the right tools.

Easily Accessible

Grant teams and individuals access to the information that they need to do their job using SharePoint as their source of truth from you company.


Support team collaboration and build stronger employee relations by making it easy to find important documents and finish day-to-day tasks.

How SharePoint Improves Collaboration

Shared Desk

Team-Only Access

Share documents and files with the whole company, specific departments, a single team, or just for yourself.

Video Editing Station

Simultaneous Editing

Work alongside team members within the same document. Eliminate the hassle and risk of passing around multiple versions of the same file.

At the Station

Central Location

Create the single source of truth needed for succeed and a foundation to build consistent business practices.

In a Meeting

Task Management

Guide teams toward a goal by creating, assigning, and tracking tasks within SharePoint.

Group Calls

Shared Apps and Tools

Increase visibility of discussions, action steps, schedules and more by pairing SharePoint with Office 365. 

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Discover More Benefits

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How People Use SharePoint In Their Roles

It's one thing to say what SharePoint is and what it can do. But it's far better to show some examples how others can use SharePoint to make day-to-day tasks easier for the people who are working to grow the company.

Inventory Checking

Inventory Specialists

  • Share the same inventory information among site managers.

  • Schedule tasks to help with maintaining inventory counts.

  • Keep upper management aware of activities and upcoming events.

Looking at Monitor


  • Share performance metrics with their team.

  • Create and track tasks that lead toward a completed project or accomplished goal.

  • Save important training materials, meeting notes, and project files.

Filling Out a Form

Field Support Teams

  • Save important document, such as signed digital contracts, receipts, and invoices.

  • Access user or troubleshooting guides to walk customers through issues.

  • Find files and documents that they might need to access quickly from a laptop or mobile device

Web Designers

Marketing Teams

  • Curate a library of guides to achieve consistent branded experiences.

  • Work within the same documents, whether they're in the same building or across the country.

  • Save and update branded assets, including but not limited to images, brochures, presentations.

Call Center Employee

Customer Support

  • Share team goals across different support teams

  • Save presentations about new initiatives

  • Document meeting notes and goals


HR Managers

  • Save resumes, work samples, and cover letters from job applications.

  • Share interview notes among managers and team members doing the interviews.

  • Maintain a library of job descriptions and training materials.

The Cost Of Creating A SharePoint Solution

How much does it cost to implement SharePoint? That


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