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How to Create a Template in Power BI

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Improve your analytics strategy by learning how to create and share custom templates in Power BI.

power bi templates

What is a Power BI Template?

Power BI Templates are reports that have been packaged and saved with a different extension (pbit). These templates allow users to create reports with similar layouts, formatting, queries, saving Power BI developers from repeat work and creating consistency across reports within the organization. This will promote standardization, but also help end users consume the data with ease.

Creating a Power BI Template

  1. Prepare Your Report: Import your data, create visuals, add filters and logos, and customize the layout to fit your needs.

  2. Save As a Template: Once your report is structured properly, go to ‘File’ menu in the top left corner. From the dropdown, select ‘Save As’ and then choose ‘Power BI Template’.

  3. Add Template Information: A pop-up window will appear asking for template details. Fill in the ‘Template Name’ and ‘Description’ fields.

  4. Save Your Template: Choose your location and select ‘Save’.

When users open a template, Power BI will prompt them to connect to the data source. Once connected, they will be able to make any alterations necessary and save as a pbix file.

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