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Functionalities Within Microsoft Power Platform

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Multi-table lookups and Environmental Variables for dynamic content are now available within the Power Platform.

The days when only pro developers could build a business app are gone. Along with it, is the outdated and lengthy waterfall approach to building corporate applications. Now, virtually anyone, regardless of their technical skill, can create robust applications without writing a single line of code using intelligent, easy-to-use solutions such as the Microsofts Power Platform.

The platform features additional tools including Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power Virtual Agents. Together, these tools enable users to build, deploy, and manage business applications—all without any coding.

As Microsoft continues to invest in the functionality of the Power Platform, the company has recently announced exciting new updates to the platform. Each enables users to complete tasks such as data analysis, reporting, workflow automation, mobile app development, and more.

Multi-Table Lookups

Dataverse provides users with a secure storage platform that can be used to store and manage data used by business applications. Data from Dataverse is stored within multiple tables and columns, each displaying information such as name, salary, age, etc.

Previously, users could not search through multiple tables to find information; instead, individual lookups were required. This feature has since been updated and users can now perform multi-table lookups.

This feature enables users to perform queries on two or more tables simultaneously and find the right data in the referenced tables. Each lookup is a one-to-many relationship and works similar to the existing Customer Lookup process within Dataverse.

This also enables users to model complex table relationships, reduce app development time, and provide users with a streamlined interface—all with little assistance from IT.

microsoft power platform

Environment Variables

Users who are migrating solutions from one system to another have to ensure all parameters and values are copied correctly while avoiding overwrites. This process is incredibly time-consuming and difficult to maintain.

Microsoft introduced Environmental Variables as a way to fix this problem. Users can set the exact parameters and values for various environments and store them securely within Dataverse. In the last update, parameters, values, and GUIDs can now be shared between environments, reducing the number of time users spend creating and setting up new environments.

Unlock the Power of the Microsoft Power Platform with JourneyTEAM

The use cases for Microsoft’s Power Platform are limitless. The flexibility of the platform and its included tools enable it to be used for virtually anything—from data analysis to reporting and collaboration.

Regardless of where teams are at in their Power Platform journey, JourneyTEAM ensures users get maximum use from the solution. With our team of experts and maturity model assessment, we help businesses plan, develop, and implement modern, mature business processes that utilize the latest technology from Microsoft.

To learn more about our services, Power BI course, or maturity assessment, contact a JourneyTEAM representative today.


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