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Modernize to Dynamics 365 Business Central to Reduce Business Costs

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Learn how a large supplement company standardized and simplified its accounting processes while reducing costs.

helathcare supplments

A healthcare supplement company distributes their products to businesses worldwide. Because of this, they have numerous locations, each with their own disparate accounting system and different accounting practices in place. To reduce production, shipping, and accounting errors, they wanted to move to one system—Dynamics 365 Business Central.

By moving from their legacy accounting systems to Dynamics 365 Business Central, this company’s data would be in a single, accurate, and accessible location. Their current accounting solutions were also on-premises, which was expensive to maintain as they often needed upgrades that had to be done manually. Moving to Dynamics 365 Business Central would reduce costs and save resources as Microsoft performs system updates automatically.

Why Modernize to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

By modernizing to Dynamics 365 Business Central, the healthcare company enjoyed the benefits included in a modern Microsoft solution. They were able to cut costs around maintaining on-premises solutions that required manual upkeep and upgrades as Dynamics 365 Business Central updates are added automatically. Employees also gained more visibility into their inventory and accounting data to improve ordering efficiency and shipping decisions. With all locations using Dynamics 365 Business Central, data is more accurate across the board, providing users with a simplified experience and streamlined process.

If you want to ensure a smooth migration from a legacy solution to Dynamics 365 Business Central, speak with a JourneyTEAM solutions specialist today.


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