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Manufacturer Uses Microsoft Power Automate to Increase Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Discover how JourneyTEAM empowered a global manufacturer to move beyond manual, time-consuming processes.

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A global manufacturer of automotive safety products was struggling with slow, time-consuming, and manual reporting within their quality assurance processes. With customers all over the world and numerous suppliers to work with, the company needed to automate their task process to improve productivity. Additionally, the manufacturer wanted to simplify the employee experience so tasks could be more easily assigned and completed. To achieve this, the company turned to Microsoft Power Automate.

JourneyTEAM Develops Power Automate Flow to Automate Processes

Previously, the manufacturer was storing documentation and tasks in SharePoint lists. This led to quality assurance employees spending valuable time looking up specific tasks and marking them complete when finished.

Using Power Automate, they were able to automate the task completion process, resulting in each task completion lifecycle being trackable and more easily managed. Even with the initial task assignment process still being done manually, a significant portion of employee time was freed up, allowing employees to spend time on more important projects.

The company was able to achieve this thanks to JourneyTEAM developers who created a flow within Power Automate that connected the manufacturer’s SharePoint Lists to Outlook. Every month, employees manually identify tasks within these SharePoint Lists. This then allows Power Automate to aggregate data for each employee, create the task, and send it to the appropriate employee automatically. The two systems seamlessly integrate with each other, enabling managers to easily track and report on the progress of each task.

Additionally, the manufacturer’s quality assurance employees can now assign and complete tasks more efficiently, which boosted overall employee satisfaction and productivity.

Get More Done Faster with JourneyTEAM

Discover how Power Automate can simplify and automate even your most complex processes. Contact a JourneyTEAM solutions specialist today to learn more.


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