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Use Power BI to Automate Reports and Reduce Manual Errors

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Discover how a medical manufacturing client eliminated manual data processes and subsequent errors with Microsoft Power BI.

One JourneyTEAM client is a medical manufacturer that distributes and repairs hospital imaging devices for healthcare companies all over the world, needed a more organized way to visualize large amounts of data. Additionally, they needed a way to automate their manual reporting processes to save time and limit human error. The company utilized Power BI to effectively organize data, enabling users to make smarter business decisions

This manufacturer services thousands of customers in over 74 countries worldwide. Because they have such a wide distribution with disparate systems sending and receiving data, they needed a way to unite their data in one location. Additionally, they needed a way to efficiently keep track of data points such as field service tech information, inventory, finance and accounting data, and more.

Employees were also struggling with time-consuming, manual data inputting process. Each month, employees had to manually update reports which took as long as several days to accomplish. Evaluating and organizing this data manually also resulted in data errors or overlooked insights. Because the data gathering process directly affected more than 300 employees, they desperately needed to simplify and automate data processes in order to save time and resources.

Implementing Power BI as a Data Management Tool

To help this medical manufacturer create an automated data process,