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An Intuitive Sales Pipeline to Automate the Seller Experience to 5X the Customer Success Rate

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About the Client

Mercato Partners is more than an average investor, they focus on helping organizations achieve sustainable growth by understanding their industry, geographic, business maturity and future goals.

The Challenges

  1. Disparate, Counterintuitive, and Clunky Sales Pipeline
    Mercato Partner’s sales pipeline required many manual, and repetitive processes. This was due to their legacy CRM not communicating with their other data systems, not having pre-built templates, and a lack of intuitive process functionality. It was crucial their new CRM managed incoming data well, and moved the lead information from one process to the next automatically.

  2. Inconsistent Customer Interactions
    Communication with current and prospecting customers was a top priority for Mercato Partners, but was proving to be complicated with their legacy systems and third-party tools. Various sales team members were using diverse sources to store information, which caused collaboration and knowledge management to be limited, disorganized, and time-consuming. Because customer data and interactions were hard to manage, this often lead to slower follow-ups and inconsistent interactions between sellers and customers.

  3. Complicated User Experience
    Mercato Partners was faced with only a 25% adoption level with their legacy CRM system, Salesforce, and their other third-party tools. When inputting new leads, or updating current customer accounts, it was hard to navigate between the four strategy funds’ databases. Their legacy CRM couldn’t properly organize new customers, stakeholders, and interaction history. Some of the data being gathered was simply not needed for certain funds, thereby convoluting the sales process. Additionally, Mercato’s customer information was not stored or updated regularly, which made it hard for sellers to reach out to customers that needed follow-ups. Mercato needed an inclusive solution to consolidate customer information, simplify deal tracking, and improve customer interactions.

The Solution

Dynamics 365

In partnering with JourneyTEAM, Mercato Partners was able to create a centralized and dynamic pipeline that improved user and customer satisfaction. 

Leveraging the Entire Microsoft Stack

JourneyTEAM worked to understand Mercato’s unique business model to make their sales process more efficient and customer-centric. Not only do products within the Microsoft suite work seamlessly together, but they also are packaged together for cost savings. By migrating to Dynamics 365, Mercato Partners’ technical debt was reduced by 60%.

The Outcomes

  1. Improved Sales Efficiency and User Adoption
    From migrating to Dynamics 365 as their CRM solution, Mercato Partners gained a highly intuitive and simplified sales pipeline. The sales pipeline was customized to contain four unique templates, one for each fund, and populate needed information based on the selected type. Certain fields would be hidden or required based on the firm, and then would be stored in locations that made the most sense. Sellers are now able to easily manage opportunities as they progress from leads to deals. With Dynamics 365 and corresponding Microsoft technologies in play, Mercato Partners’ adoption levels went from 25% to 60% in a matter of months.

  2. Consolidated Data & Knowledge Management
    Dynamics 365 worked cohesively with their other data systems, and would update daily, providing sellers with real-time, and centralized customer information. Dynamics 365 also communicated seamlessly with Microsoft products such as Power BI to generate actionable reports showing key indicators, sellers’ close rates, and insights for predicting various outcomes. Additionally, SharePoint housed onboarding documentation and templates and could now communicate with Dynamic 365 making processes even more streamlined and efficient for sellers and their customers.

  3. Increased Customer Satisfaction
    Throughout the entire sales process, Dynamics 365 now alerts sales executives of when to contact their customers, and records each interaction. Mercato Partners now easily views customer history, needed documentation, and clear action items to further the customer relationship. Mercato’s sales team is enabled to reach out to all customers on a regular basis in the method of communication they prefer, which has led to a 5X times higher customer success rate.

Moving over from several best-in-class products to a best-of-suite approach has been helpful for our firm. Because of the engrained integration and ease-of use of Dynamics 365, we increased efficiency, collaboration, and overall intelligence across our sales and customer service teams.

Zane Busteed, Director at Mercato Partners

Ready to Transform Your Business?

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