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How JourneyTEAM Supported a Speedy Migration and Helped Drive Increased User Adoption

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About the Client

Pacific Packaging Components is a national health and beauty product manufacturer that creates and packages thousands of products each day.


  1. Costly Deadline Pressure:
    Pacific Packaging Components had a pressing deadline to migrate from NetSuite to Business Central before their expensive annual renewal. They needed a quick and cost-effective migration to move all their data and processes to Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC).

  2. Lack of UX Proficiency and Confidence:
    Although the company had technical professionals on staff that were capable of handling muchof the implementation, they sought specialized guidance and support from a partner to ensure a successful transition and high user adoption of the new system.

  3. Limited Customizations and Functionality:
    With their current NetSuite platform, Pacific Packaging was faced with limited options and time-consuming, manual tasks. They needed a solution that would allow for customization of dashboards and feature sets based on the user role. This customization would allow for automation of tasks which would save time and improve the overall user experience.


Dynamics 365 Business Central

JourneyTEAM's Business Central Sherpa program addressed the customer challenges and would ensure high user adoption. This program is a quick-start implementation, crafted for teams that want extra guidance in transitioning. It offers 1:1 guidance and specialized workshops all within weeks.



  1. Cost Saving Go-Live:
    In partnering with JourneyTEAM, Pacific Packaging Components achieved an on-time and speedygo-live of Dynamics 365 Business Central. They were able to utilize their newly custom-built dashboards, with minimized disruptions to daily financial operations. Additionally, by making this deadline they saved around $18,000 annually on licensing alone.

  2. Increased User Adoption:
    Pacific Packaging also benefited from the comprehensive 1:1 training offered in the Business Central Sherpa program. Users learned how to create custom dashboards based on tasks and reporting needs. As a result, the billing team gained increased confidence and proficiency in adopting features and capabilities. One example was a user dashboard created for the sales team’s commissions reports. This used to require manual data entry and would take up to 6 hours per week, but now the report is generated instantly, and the billing team can focus on other tasks.

  3. Ongoing Support and Expertise:
    With a JourneyTEAM support agreement in place, Pacific Packaging Components continues to receive updates on Business Central releases, as well as answers to questions when roadblocks or onboarding problems arise. This ongoing support for their Business Central environment ensures its stability and alignment with evolving business needs.

I was quite impressed with how Go-Live went for us due to the guidance we received from JourneyTEAM, Mckell (a consultant at JourneyTEAM) and the Business Central team never skipped a beat in their care for our company's needs. They are not only knowledgeable, but patient and enduring in troubleshooting our issues. Overall, we have had many successes in working through the modules and determining our needs for the business.

Yvonne Morris, Accounting Manager (and Sherpa Lead)

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